Happy Holidays to our TLC family!


We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday break.  School will be back in session on Monday January 4th 2021.


Our TLC tech team has had several inquiries about resetting tracylc.net passwords.  In the link below you can find the steps to do so.  Security and safety is always a concern and one of the best ways to prevent breaches.  As always, if you ever need tech please reach us at tlctech@tracylc.net


Would you consider a donation?

On another note, the state funds for schools have been strained and all of the schools are experiencing deferrals of funds causing schools to have to take out loans to cover payroll and other expenses as the year continues.  Our staff took a ten percent cut this school year to help the budget strains we were anticipating.  Unfortunately, that cut was not enough.  We are anticipating a need to borrow at least a half-million to fund our schools through the end of this school year.

If you are interested in making a donation to our schools, we would greatly appreciate it.  We are a non-profit organization so it does help with charitable donations on your taxes.  The donations should be made to Tracy Learning Center Schools.  Thank you for your consideration.



Wishing all our TLC families and staff a safe and happy holiday!   Stay safe and we all look forward to a wonderful 2021!!





Dear Discovery Charter Parents,

As the New Year approaches, we would like to offer students the option to return to campus learning in the classroom on January 11, 2021.  Unfortunately, we have limited seats available.  Below are the classrooms that have room to accept one or more students in the new year:


                 Homeroom                              Available enrollment on Campus

     Mr. Bird                                                           6  

     Mrs. Cerezo                                                  11  

     Mrs. Diaz                                                        2  

     Ms. Dominguez                                              1  

     Ms. Losen                                                       7   

     Ms. Greene                                                   10     

     Mr. Dhillon                                                      3  

     Ms. Ferguson                                                 3 

     Mrs. Rapp                                                       9

     Ms. Rodieck                                                  10

     Ms. Zaca                                                         5

     Mrs. Zuniga                                                     5

Please email mberinger@tracylc.net if you wish to return to campus on January 11, 2021 no later than December 30, 2020 with your student’s name and homeroom teacher’s name.  We will use the lottery system if we have more students that wish to return than seats available

Thank you,

Michele Beringer

Director of Admissions



We wish all our Falcons a safe and restful winter break.  We know how tough this year has been and are so poud of your efforts.  See you in 2021!!!