Happy New Year from TLC! See you Monday :)

We hope all TLC families had a nice break and we wish you a happy and healthy New Year.  TLC will continue to be open for those students who wish to participate in on-campus learning.  With an increase in the number of families wishing to return to classroom instruction, we will be staggering the new returning students.   

See below for the process of returning to campus beginning Monday, January 4th (Distance learners log in Monday, January 4th for all schools).  

On Monday,  January 4th for all on-campus students and returning PCS students who have been approved to return to campus.  You’ll come to campus and follow our campus safety processes.  So if you were on campus before the break, come back just as you did prior to break.  For NEW PCS students returning, you also begin on Monday, January 4th.

DCS students that wish to return to campus on January 11 have until December 30th to email Mrs. Beringer (mberinger@tracylc.net).  If your DCS student was already attending classes in person, they come to campus as normal on Monday, January 4th.

MHS students who were already attending in-person classes will begin Monday, January 4th. Those who would like to begin attending in-person classes must email Mrs. Beringer (mberinger@tracylc.net ) and she will set this up and provide you a start date.

Online Learners in ALL Grades:  Online learning for students who choose to stay on distance learning will begin via Google Classrooms on Monday, January 4th.


We are staggering the returning students to ensure our staff has the necessary safety measures in place to keep our staff and students safe.  This makes it easier for us to make adjustments to cleaning, lunch procedures, and air filtration and sanitation.

Also, if you traveled or attended a large gathering outside their home that they will need to attend distance learning until they have been quarantined for 10 days from the event date or the date they returned home from travel.  Please email Kay (kfagundes@tracylc.net), or Angie (akeys@tracylc.net)  with the date they will return to campus if this is the case.


Thank you.  We can’t wait to see you in 2021!