Limited on campus openings for DCS in person – sign up NOW for January 11th return to our classrooms

Hello Discovery Charter School families!

We wanted to remind everyone that we have a limited number of seats available per homeroom for additional students who wish to return to on-campus learning starting next Monday, January 11th.

Unfortunately, we have limited seats available.  Below are the classrooms that have room to accept one or more students beginning January 11th.

                 Homeroom                              Available enrollment on Campus

     Mr. Bird                                                           6  

     Mrs. Cerezo                                                  11  

     Mrs. Diaz                                                        2  

     Ms. Dominguez                                              1  

     Ms. Losen                                                       7   

     Ms. Greene                                                   10     

     Mr. Dhillon                                                      3  

     Ms. Ferguson                                                 3 

     Mrs. Rapp                                                       9

     Ms. Rodieck                                                  10

     Ms. Zaca                                                         5

     Mrs. Zuniga                                                     5

Email if you wish to return to campus on January 11, 2021

Please understand that whichever option you choose, students cannot go back and forth between on-campus and distance learning. We are required by the state to record your student as an on-campus or distance learning student and accurately record attendance as such. If an on-campus student is taking a personal day or is out sick they need to take that day off.