TLC Charter Chatter – March 1st 2021





TLC Staff joins thousands of other San Joaquin educators in receiving our COVID-19 vaccination.  Check out Mr. Hepner in the short video from the county office of education!  We are all excited to see our country moving forward and cannot wait to have all our students back on campus once it is deemed safe.







Please check out our DCS website for all updates related to DCS! Visit here:


Summer Delta College Early Start Program – Process Has Begun!

Current 9th-11th grade students earning A’s and B’s in their MHS classes are eligible to apply for the fully online Delta College Early Start Program for Summer Semester. This program is an amazing opportunity to take tuition-free Delta College classes while in high school. If a student earns a B or higher in a college class, Millennium High School will award that student with a $100 scholarship!

Students and parents who are interested in the program should visit the MHS Info Google Classroom (code: iebvajt) and our website for more information, including new updates on 3/2:

Please note that the deadline for the required College Early Start Form and the MHS Grade Check Google Form ( is Monday, March 15th by 11:59pm.

Hey Falcons!  Athletics are finally back in action and it’s time for some new Game Day Swag!  Head to the link below to purchase a new Falcon Athletics #Quarantine2020 t-shirt and get your Millennium mask!  Pre-orders are available up until March 12th, so don’t miss out!  Millennium Athletics: Back in Action! | Tracy Learning Center (