MHS Monday Morning Updates

Good Morning Millennium High School Falcons!


Reminder:  We still have a few students who did not pick up their picture packet and ID card.  They are located in the front office and you can come in any time from 7:30am to 4:30pm to collect your packet.

MHS FAST TRACK 2021 – On-Campus and In-Person

We are pleased to offer our unique program for Millennium High students known as FAST TRACK this summer.  FAST TRACK 2021 will take place fully in-person and on-campus this year with all required COVID-19 safety precautions in place – there is no online, distance-learning format available. 
FAST TRACK schedules will be mailed home the first week of May.
For FAST TRACK 2021 ONLY, students who decline the opportunity to take a FAST TRACK class for any reason must inform us by returning the form that will be enclosed in the mailing. Please do not inform us now – await the letter in the mail the first week of May and follow the procedure outlined therein if you choose to decline. Please be aware that if you decline, the scheduled class will instead be added to the student’s schedule for the 2021-2022 school year.

FAST TRACK is an integral part of our program which gives students the opportunity to take ten credits of a course to remediate or accelerate, and/or to take a Delta College course.  During FAST TRACK, students take a full year (two semesters) of a course for 4.25 hours a day (includes a fifteen minute break) for five weeks beginning Friday, May 21st to Friday, June 25th. The day begins at 8:30AM and ends at 12:45 PM. Students should expect at least an hour of homework each day.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance during FAST TRACK is different from the school year in that students are only allowed to miss 8 hours of time during the entire FAST TRACK. Tardies count as one hour and a day is four hours. Any combination above 8 hours results in a need to withdraw and an F grade for the affected semester. There are no excused absences during FAST TRACK. This is necessary in order to meet the state requirement for issuing credit for a year’s worth of a course. Students may not miss more than two days (8 total hours). Four tardies are the equivalent of one day of school, therefore; two days absent and one tardy will result in a failing grade.

Please watch for your FAST TRACK schedule in the mail the first week of May.  Thank you!