TLC Charter Chatter for Week 2 –

TLC Charter Chatter

News, Information, and Updates for Primary, Discovery, and Millennium Charter Schools

A Message from our CEO, Carolyn Woods:

Thank you to our students, parents, and staff for a great second week of school! By now, everyone has settled into a routine and classrooms are roaring with activity. Picture day for Millennium was a success and next week it will be Discovery’s turn. As always, please read through the school sections carefully for important information pertaining to each school. Have a great weekend!

Misc. News and Announcements

To access AERIES for your student’s information and view report cards please use:

If you do not have an account set up, you can contact the office at 209-290-0511 to request the necessary information. If you use the AERIES App on your phone you may need to rest the information.

This months lunch Calendar:


Primary Charter School

What a great second week! Our students have hit the ground running! They are showing us what they know, following our PCS procedures, and making new friends!

While the temperatures continue in the triple digits and high 90’s, PLEASE send in enough water (labeled with student name) for snack, lunch, recess, AND P.E. THANKS!!!!


All PCS students will be released at 11:30. Lunch WILL NOT be served this day.


Please enter the PCS carline BEFORE 8:15 to ensure your child is not tardy. Students will never be marked tardy due to the carline running late. If staff is no longer present, that means the carline is over and parents will have to walk their child to the office for a tardy slip.


Discovery Charter School 5th-8th:

**Attention All Parents**

DCS Picture Day is Thursday, August 19th!!!

*** Flyers will go home on Monday! ***


Having trouble viewing your student’s grades on Aeries?

TLC now has its own separate Aeries portal that can be accessed at:

Look for “Tracy Learning Center” at the top to know that you’re in the right place!


Back-to-School Night Presentation

(In case you weren’t able to attend or wanted to review)

5/6 DCS Back to School Night 2021-22

7/8 DCS Back to School Night 2021-22


⅚ Social Studies with Mr. Bird:

During week 2, students set up their interactive notebooks! They started by creating their table of contents (first four pages, front and back) and learning what geography is. Page 1 discusses the two basic types of geography: human and physical geography. The rest of the week was dedicated to learning our terms to know (pages 2-4).

For week 3, students will begin learning to identify the 7 continents of the world as well as our oceans. They will also continue refining their map skills by reviewing the cardinal and intermediate directions, as well as latitude and longitude.

If they haven’t already done so, please ensure students add our Google Classroom. The code is at the bottom of the syllabus that was sent home with students the first week of school. The Google Classroom will have more information about what we are doing each day in social studies and important dates.

First social studies quiz will be on August 24!

Lastly, D.A.R.E. homework is going to be due on Mondays to allow parents/guardians enough time to help their children and provide their signature.

⅞ Social Studies with Ms. Zaca:

This week students examined the social hierarchy of Rome.

Upcoming Dates:

All pages need to be glued into their notebooks by Monday, August 9th.

HW #2 page 5 due Friday, August 20th

Vocabulary and Early Rome Quiz Friday, August 20th

Unit 1 Test Wednesday, September 29th

Calendar of Events

⅚ Science with Mrs. Bharadwaj:

No new announcements.

⅞ Science with Ms. Dominguez:

DATES TENTATIVE Schedule for Week 3

(Dates are subject to change based on the pace of each class)

  1. Combining Matter – the difference between mixtures and compounds
    1. Using their knowledge of properties, students will explore how combining materials can lead to change in properties
    2. Short introduction to Chemical Reactions
  2. Note Check
    1. Students will answer 3-5 questions based on the notes we have covered so far in class. This is an OPEN NOTE assignment
    2. All notes will be posted to Google Classroom for student review
  1. Lab Exploration – Testing Samples for Physical and Chemical Change
    1. Students will be provided with a selection of household “chemicals”
    2. They will combine the materials, observe for physical or chemical change
  1. Understanding the collected Observational Data from the Exploration
    1. Students will use their data tables to discuss their findings
  2. Connecting to Concepts –
    1. Five signs of chemical reactions
    2. Conservation of mass
  1. Unit 1 Review
    1. Students will be provided with a study guide on Google Classroom.
    2. Chromebooks will be used in class on this day to provide access to the study guide and the notes posted to Google Classroom
  1. Review Games
    1. Using school chromebooks, students will participate in either Kahoot! Or Jeopardy to review for the unit test
  2. Study Guide Check time
    1. Students will have time to ask for clarification on any of the questions on the study guide

REMINDER! Test will be on MONDAY

Math with Mrs. Zuniga:

Zuniga Homeroom: We spent this week learning about place value and rounding of whole numbers. We played games to familiarize ourselves with reading, writing, and understanding numbers and their places as well as their values. Next week we will begin to add and subtract multidigit numbers.

Ferguson Homeroom: We began fractions this week and we continue to practice adding and subtracting fractions into next week to master the concept rather than just know it. The students completed a scavenger hunt finding LCM and GCF of numbers which will help in their understanding of operations of fractions. (some photos below)

Soto Homeroom: We were able to complete our whole number operations review this week and the students are excited to move onto our main curriculum of fractions. The students will continue to review their whole number operations throughout the year as needed.

Williams Homeroom: The students were excited to continue moving through operations of integers and we learned about all four operations this week. We will continue to practice these four operations until students have mastered them but we began to look at conversions of fractions, decimals and percentages.

Math with Mrs. Rapp:

Pre-Algebra(Pink, Yellow, & Green): Last week we got an introduction to what they will be learning. We will continue in Unit 1 really focusing on Integers, fractions, and decimals. Operations with all of those will be critical for the units to come.

Algebra(Red): We jumped right into Unit 1 and this class is eager to learn. This course will be very fast paced like a HS Math class to ensure that we get through all of the curriculum and concepts to send them off to HS fully prepared for what is next.

Language Arts with Ms. Rodieck:

All Homerooms: During Week 2 we continued to learn routines and expectations for Language Arts and Humanities. Monday was spelling and vocabulary routines (see note below). Tuesday was our class notebooks and we talked about the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Wednesday was Writing Folders and Writers Workshop. Thursday was Stations – the big kids’ word for centers. This time is so I can meet with small groups to fill in some of the gaps from the last year and a half. Friday was What is Humanities? Here is a link to the slideshow we viewed to learn the answer to this question.

Next week we start reading our class novels. Students will also have their first quiz of the year. It will include spelling and vocabulary, questions from the novel, and language arts concepts that we are covering. Stations on Thursday will review what is on the test on Friday.

FYI – spelling and vocabulary will be on a two week rotation with quizzes every other week starting week 3. On alternate weeks, we will be doing Humanities.

Language Arts with Mr. Harding:

No new announcements.

Language Arts with Mrs. Soto:

This week we focused on the themes of our Trimester 1 book, A Long Walk to Water. Some of the themes that we covered were: water, women in Africa, war, refugees and the history of Sudan.

On Thursday, we began the book in all classes and the students really seem to enjoy it.

Next week we will be continuing our essay writing and begin working on reading comprehension skills.

Discovery 5-8th Physical Education Department:

This information is for all 3 Physical Education Teachers:Coach Levand, Coach Penirian, and Coach Williams.

All 5-8th grade PE classes have a google classroom this year. We feel google classroom is a great resource for students to have when it comes to announcements, reminders, forms, and assignments. If you are not sure that your student added their PE teachers google classroom we have included the powerpoint from this week. Slide 16 contains all google classroom codes for each PE Teacher. Please make sure they add the correct code. It is based on the period that they have PE.

Important due dates:

PE Packet – Friday, August 13th due tonight buy midnight

First day of dressing out for PE – this Monday, August 16th.

***Lastly, please remind your student to bring a separate water bottle for PE, as they do not have access to drinking fountains this year.

Life Management with Ms. Ferguson:

This week the students worked on measuring! We went over multiplying and dividing measurements on recipes! On Friday the students will be putting their measuring abilities to the test while they make ice cream! Pictures to follow next week 🙂

Art (Creative Expression) with Ms. Losen/Mrs. Aldrich:

Students created art inspired by the artist Dimitra Milan, blending nature and fantasy.

Music with Mr. Barrera:

This upcoming week we’ll be welcoming Mr. Barrera as our new long term Music substitute teacher. We’re fortunate that Mr. Barrera has a background in music and has also been a substitute at our school numerous times over the past school year. He is very excited to join our team at Discovery and we know he’ll have much to teach our students about music appreciation!



Millennium High School


We are excited to have our students back on campus! We will have our Back-to-School Night on Monday, August 16th at 6:30 pm. We invite all parents/guardians to attend. Wear your walking shoes (and your mask) and get ready to explore our campus and meet your student’s teachers (bring a copy of your student’s schedule if needed). Please enter through the MHS drop off/pick-up gate. We will meet under the covered lunch area at 6:30.

LIFETOUCH PICTURE ORDERING: If you would like to purchase school pictures from lifetouch, please follow the steps on this link:

Lifetouch will stop taking orders soon so please do not delay!!!!!

LUNCH: Ordering lunch is slightly different this year. All students should have a lunch account to pay for lunches. To register, go to and create an account. You must choose/type in your specific school (Millennium High School) and you will need your student school I.D. number. If you have any difficulties creating an account online, money can still be added to your account by either cash, check, or debit card. You can drop off payment in the lunch dropbox that is located in the main office. We are still in the process of adding new students to our mealtime system and hope to have it completed next week.

Lunch is ordered the day before it is delivered to class. All students should order their lunch during 3rd period/HUB time. The Google Classroom code is SEUNSOU. Applications for Free & Reduced meals must be completed and turned in every year. You can apply on the website.

Asynchronous Days: We have 4 asynchronous days scheduled throughout the year. During these days, all students will stay home and attend school through distance learning. Students are required to submit attendance on these days and will be marked absent if not submitted. The dates are:

September 10th

November 5th

February 4th

April 29th