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A Message from our CEO, Carolyn Woods:

The California Department of Public Health updated their K-12 Guidance for the 2021-22 school year on August 2, 2021. We will continue to follow all safety measures we have in place, such as masking indoors, keeping distance when feasible, and sanitizing our classrooms daily. Our safety measures have proven to be effective thus far, and we will continue to monitor the situation very carefully. The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. If you would like to read the guidance in detail, you can reference it at the following link:

Thank you!


Misc. News and Announcements


Annual Data Confirmation in Aeries

Please sign into Aeries and complete the Data Confirmation process. This must be completed by August 31, 2021 or your Aeries account will be locked until the process is complete. It is VERY important that you print the emergency card, sign it, and return it to the office by September 1, 2021. If you need the information to create a new account please call the office, 209-290-0511, and that information will be shared with you.

To access AERIES for your student’s information and view report cards please use:

If you do not have an account set up, you can contact the office at 209-290-0511 to request the necessary information. If you use the AERIES App on your phone you may need to rest the information.



Girls volleyball has a fundraiser at chipotle this Sunday, August 22 from 4-8pm! 33% of each receipt will be donated back to the program.


This months lunch Calendar:


Primary Charter School



All PCS students will be released at 11:30. Lunch WILL NOT be served this day (send snack and water ONLY)

NO SCHOOL September 6, 2021 in observance of Labor Day


All PCS students will be released at 12:00. Lunch WILL NOT be served this day (send snack and water ONLY)

HOMECOMING PARADE: September 17, 2021

Come and watch our Tracy Learning Center HOMECOMING Parade! We encourage all families to line the streets of Tracy and support our school! The parade starts at 1:30 on the corner of 6th and Central and runs down Central to 10th street. We hope to see you there!


Please enter the PCS carline BEFORE 8:15 to ensure your child is not tardy. Students will never be marked tardy due to the carline running late. If staff is no longer present, that means the carline is over and parents will have to walk their child to the office for a tardy slip.



Discovery Charter School 5th-8th:

**Attention All Parents**


*** Staff In-Service Days ***

This year there will be 3 staff in-service days where students will be given at-home asynchronous work to complete while teachers have a day of meetings, professional development, and classroom preparation work.

These full at-home asynchronous days for students will be:

September 3rd

February 11th

June 3rd


Having trouble viewing your student’s grades on Aeries?

TLC now has its own separate Aeries portal that can be accessed at:

Look for “Tracy Learning Center” at the top to know that you’re in the right place!

**If you have the old app on your phone you’ll need to delete that one and reinstall the NEW Tracy Learning Center Aeries one.**


Discovery Spirit Wear

DCS is now selling spirit wear! Flyers have been sent home already!

Please click on the following link to access the store. All orders will need to be placed by Friday, August 27th before midnight. Orders will be packaged and shipped to the school within 3 weeks of that Friday. Once they arrive at school, they will be passed out to students.


Washington DC Trip

Parent Meeting D6 with Ms. Zaca on Aug 31, 2021

5:30-6 pm!

This year Ms. Zaca will be taking a group of students to Washington DC during our first week of Spring Break! If you are interested in having your child AND yourself partaking in the trip, please come to the parent meeting! This trip is open to all 5th-8th graders (this is NOT a mandatory trip!).



If you missed out on buying a yearbook last year and still want one, the publisher sent some extras so there is a limited supply available in the office $40 each, first come, first serve until they are gone (or the end of August).

Information about this year’s yearbook will start in January 2022.


7th/8th – Top 5 Nest Point earners from Week 2





5th/6th – Top 5 Nest Point earners from Week 2





⅚ Social Studies with Mr. Bird:

During week 2, students set up their interactive notebooks! They started by creating their table of contents (first four pages, front and back) and learning what geography is. Page 1 discusses the two basic types of geography: human and physical geography. The rest of the week was dedicated to learning our terms to know (pages 2-4).

For week 3, students will begin learning to identify the 7 continents of the world as well as our oceans. They will also continue refining their map skills by reviewing the cardinal and intermediate directions, as well as latitude and longitude.

If they haven’t already done so, please ensure students add our Google Classroom. The code is at the bottom of the syllabus that was sent home with students the first week of school. The Google Classroom will have more information about what we are doing each day in social studies and important dates.

First social studies quiz will be on August 24!

Lastly, D.A.R.E. homework is going to be due on Mondays to allow parents/guardians enough time to help their children and provide their signature.

⅞ Social Studies with Ms. Zaca:

Students took their first quiz this Friday! Grades will be updated this coming week to reflect their quiz scores. This past week students learned about the challenges of the Roman Republic. They learned about the external challenges through the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage over the ownership of the Mediterranean area (spoiler alert: Rome won!). They also learned about the internal challenges the Republic faced due to corrupt officials taking land and privileges away from the Plebeians. Next week we will begin to examine the rise of Julius Caesar and the decline of the Roman Republic.

Please make sure that your child has added themselves to the google classroom for social studies! Announcements for class are made on here, in addition to tutorial videos for their homework assignments, the calendar of events, and any notes taken during class are uploaded onto the website. Please have your child email me if they have not signed up yet so that they can receive the classroom code from me (if they do not have it in their agendas).

Upcoming Dates:

HW #5 Due Friday, August 27th

Punic Wars and Julius Caesar Quiz Monday August, 30th

HW #6 Due September 10th

Punic Wars and Julius Caesar Quiz August 30th

HW #7 Due September 15th

Rise of Christianity Quiz September 15th

HW #4 Unit 1 Study Guide due Monday, September 27th

HW #3 Page 4 Cover Page due Wednesday, September 29th

Unit 1 Test Wednesday, September 29th

Calendar of Events

⅚ Science with Mrs. Bharadwaj:

Hello 5th and sixth grader Parents here are the google classroom codes for their Science class.













Please ask your kids to log in and check it.

⅞ Science with Ms. Dominguez:

DATES TENTATIVE Schedule for Week 4

(Dates are subject to change based on the pace of each class)

  1. Unit 1 Quiz –
    1. This is a closed note quiz.
  2. Assignment Due –
    1. Quiz 1 Study Guide
      1. Students need to turn this in on Google Classroom
      2. If they chose to complete a hardcopy in class, they still need to mark the assignment on Classroom as complete, and turn in the physical copy in class
  1. Unit 2 Introduction – Ecosystems
    1. Return to the Shark Week video that we watched Week 1 – The Hunt for Lagertha
    2. Unit 1 Vocab page
  1. Video and Discussion
    1. Compare and Contrast – Different environments inhabited by the same species of animals
    2. Ecosystem Focus – Sharks


  1. Abiotic and Biotic Factors
    1. Notes
    2. Activity Sheet
  1. Roles in the Ecosystem
    1. Consumers and Producers
    2. Introduction of “Where are the Wolverines”?

Math with Mrs. Zuniga:

Zuniga Homeroom: We spent this week reviewing place value to prepare for our quiz this past Friday. Next week we will move into addition and subtraction of multi digit numbers.

Ferguson Homeroom: We have learned all four operations of fractions and will continue to practice operations of fractions before we take a quiz next Friday.

Soto Homeroom: We learned about LCM and GCF this week before starting to learn about adding and subtracting fractions. We will continue to practice next week until students are proficient in this concept.

Williams Homeroom: We practiced conversions of fractions, decimals, and percentages before moving into adding and subtracting fractions with positives and negatives. Next week we will continue to practice and master this concept before moving on to multiplying and dividing fractions.

Math with Mrs. Rapp:

Pre-Algebra(Pink, Yellow, & Green): This last week has been a busy week. We spent time revisiting integer rules and had a quiz on that as well. We then moved on to converting fractions to decimals and percents. This was a good section full of review and connecting concepts they have learned in previous years. Students are really grasping this concept. We were able to do an Escape Room activity that went well. Next week we will move in to Operations with Fractions.

Algebra(Red): Unit 1 has flown by and this week we took our third quiz. Next week we will finish the unit and end the week with our first Unit Test. Students in this class are impressing me daily with their understanding of Algebra and I am really looking forward to challenging them in the units to come.

Language Arts with Ms. Rodieck:

All Homerooms: We started reading our novel this week AND had our first bi-weekly quiz that includes spelling and vocabulary, questions from the novel, and other Language Arts concepts like nouns and capitalization rules. Quizzes will be passed back Monday so ask about them.

Next week, we will be doing I-Ready Diagnostic Assessments during class time and students need to bring headphones that will plug into the computer. Students can keep them in a plastic bag in their backpack for the week. Students will get their spelling and vocabulary words for the next two weeks on Monday, and even though we are taking a break from curriculum for a week, they will still need to learn the words for the following week. We will have a quiz on week 5

FYI – spelling and vocabulary is on a two week rotation with quizzes every other week starting week 3. On alternate weeks, we will be doing Humanities.

Language Arts with Mr. Harding:

Entering our fourth week of school, we have not only adjusted to routines, but can set expectations and plans for improvement. We begin reading our Pentathlon book, A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park. We have done some research, made some art, and have a basic understanding of the setting of our novel.

During week 4, we will be testing most of the week. We will slow it down a bit, but keep the same routines.

I hope we are all excited to be back on campus together. The opportunity to teach and learn in person is not taken for granted.

Language Arts with Mrs. Soto:

During week 3, students continued to read the book, but more importantly we began setting up for a debate.

Next week will be a bit crazy with some I-Ready diagnostics going on Monday and Tuesday, but the rest of the week will be focused on the debate.

8/23 IReady diagnostic
8/24 IReady diagnostic
8/25 Debate Movie (Teacher Meetings)
8/26 Warm Up



8/27 Read

Vocab Quiz

Discovery 5-8th Physical Education Department:

This information is for all 3 Physical Education Teachers: Coach Levand, Coach Penirian, and Coach Williams.

Week one of dressing out is officially in the books. Students did a good job of adapting to this new routine.

As a reminder students should be bringing their PE clothes home every Friday, washing them over the weekend, and bringing back for class on Monday.

Next week start our first units:

Coach Levand –

⅞- Soft Tennis

⅚ – Eclipse Ball

Coach Penirian-

⅞- Speedball

⅚- Soccer

Coach Williams-

⅞ – Ultimate Kanjam

⅚- Ultimate Frisbee

Important due dates:

PE Packet – Friday, August 20th due tonight buy midnight

PE Clothes – washed and brought back for class, Monday, August 23.

***Lastly, please remind your student to bring a separate water bottle for PE, as they do not have access to drinking fountains this year.

Life Management with Ms. Ferguson:

Here is a photo from ice cream making last Friday!

The students also had a kitchen safety scavenger hunt in the classroom this week! They had a lot of fun while learning about the importance of safety while cooking.

Art (Creative Expression) with Ms. Losen/Mrs. Aldrich:

Students created art with environmental messages this week. Subjects included plastic in the ocean, pollution, global warming, forest fires, and more!

PS: Please give students old magazines (preferably ones with plenty of pictures) to school for future projects!

Music with Mr. Barrera:

This week we welcomed Mr. Barrera as our new long-term Music substitute teacher. If your student has Music with Mr. Barrera please ask them what they did and learned this week. We bet they’ll have something new and exciting to share!



Millennium High School


Fall 2021 Delta College Classes start this week! If your student registered for a class, please make sure they log into their OKTA/CANVAS account to get started this Monday, August 23rd. Most classes are online asynchronous. Questions on how to access the OKTA account set up? Students should use the help desk chat feature for live assistance at


In order to receive your Delta Scholarship you must complete the following Google Form:

*Important Reminder: To be eligible for the Delta Scholarship, students must receive a passing grade of “B” or better and have prior approval on file for the class(es) taken and completed.

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for the request to be processed.

*If you have questions about your payment, please email Barbra Ramirez at



LUNCH: Ordering lunch is slightly different this year. All students should have a lunch account to pay for lunches. To register, go to and create an account. You must choose/type in your specific school (Millennium High School) and you will need your student school I.D. number. If you have any difficulties creating an account online, money can still be added to your account by either cash, check, or debit card. You can drop off payment in the lunch dropbox that is located in the main office. We are still in the process of adding new students to our mealtime system and hope to have it completed next week.

Lunch is ordered the day before it is delivered to class. All students should order their lunch during 3rd period/HUB time. The Google Classroom code is SEUNSOU. Applications for Free & Reduced meals must be completed and turned in every year. You can apply on the website.

Asynchronous Days: We have 4 asynchronous days scheduled throughout the year. During these days, all students will stay home and attend school through distance learning. Students are required to submit attendance on these days and will be marked absent if not submitted. The dates are:

September 10th

November 5th

February 4th

April 29th