TLC Charter Chatter – Monday, September 20th, 2021

TLC Charter Chatter

News, Information, and Updates for Primary, Discovery, and Millennium Charter Schools

A Message from our CEO, Carolyn Woods

Homecoming week always brings such excitement and joy and this year certainly did not disappoint! From the daily spirit days to the powder puff game to the parade, homecoming game, and seeing so many of our alumni return, this week was filled with Falcon Pride! It is wonderful to see the whole school come together to celebrate what makes the Tracy Learning Center special. Thank you to everyone who donated items for the floats, helped with the float building, and attended the football games and parade. Way to go Falcons!!


Update on crossing guards: We have contracted for two crossing guards to monitor the corner of Mae and Beverly. The crossing guard company is working hard to fill our request. In the meantime, please continue to stop at the four-way stop, and watch for students crossing, particularly in the mornings. Student safety is our #1 concern.


The Dangers of Social Media: Last week schools across the country were affected by the “Devious Lick” TicToK trend, which involves students breaking, taking, and vandalizing items on school campuses. Unfortunately, TLC was not immune to this “challenge.” Our high school boy’s restroom was vandalized, as was the Discovery boy’s restroom, and items were taken from Discovery classrooms. This is unacceptable, we expect more from our students. Please help partner with us in discussing the dangers of social media with your students. This so-called challenge can lead to unexpected costs staining an already tight budget. It can also turn into a serious police matter. We have made our students aware that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. If anyone has any information or would like to report an occurrence of vandalism or theft, they can email me at Thank you.


Misc. News and Announcements

Looking for Golfers, Sponsors and Donations for our 7th Annual Millennium Athletics Golf Tournament. Contact Coach KV for more information Thank you for supporting Millennium Athletics!! 🖤💛

Registration Form (PDF)

This months lunch Calendar:


Primary Charter School


Our carline extends onto Holly Dr. While we cannot dictate road rules, there is a clear line. Be courteous of those in line and enter at the end of the line. PCS PRO TIP: students are not considered LATE PICK UP until 3:45. As long as you are in the carline BEFORE 3:45 your child will be called. The closer to 3:45 the shorter the line. 🙂


Discovery Charter School 5th-8th:

**Attention All Parents**

HOMECOMING PARADE: September 17th, 2021

A HUGE THANK YOU to all our parents and students for making this parade AMAZING! I want to thank every single one of you for your donations, support, and spirit during the days leading up to the parade and the day of! I am blessed and grateful for you all.

~ Ms. Zaca

PICTURE RETAKE DAY: October 5th, 2021


5th/6th – Top 5 Nest Point earners from Week 6





⅚ Social Studies with Mr. Bird:

Due to the nest challenge and the half day for homecoming, we had a change of plans during week 7. Students worked on a study guide and reviewed for their quiz on the early humans. Depending on their period, they had the quiz on Wednesday or Thursday.

During week 8, students will begin their lesson on hunter-gatherers. They will learn about the different eras of the Stone Age (paleolithic and neolithic) and focus on the development of agriculture. The essential question for the lesson is “How did the development of agriculture change daily life in the Neolithic Age?”

D.A.R.E. lesson #6 is due on Monday. Please be sure to look over and sign the lesson once they have completed it.

The next D.A.R.E. donation day is Friday, September 24.

⅞ Social Studies with Ms. Zaca:

With this week, we dived into the origins and rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Students began the week note taking a general overview of the relationship between Romans and Christians. We completed page 27 in our notebooks writing about the persecution of Christians, the eventual toleration and conversion of the Roman Empire to a Christendom, and why so many found Christianity appealing despite many being persecuted.

Next week we will explore the fall of the Roman Empire and what led to its decline of power. Students will have a quiz on pages 28 and 29 on Wednesday.

Please make sure that your child has added themselves to the google classroom for social studies! Announcements for class are made on here, in addition to tutorial videos for their homework assignments, the calendar of events, and any notes taken during class are uploaded onto the website. Please have your child email me if they have not signed up yet so that they can receive the classroom code from me (if they do not have it in their agendas).

Upcoming Dates:

HW #7 Due September 15th

Rise of Christianity Quiz September 15th

HW #4 Unit 1 Study Guide due Monday, September 27th

HW #3 Page 4 Cover Page due Wednesday, September 29th

Unit 1 Test Wednesday, September 29th

Calendar of Events

Math with Ms. Saenz:

This week we continued reviewing arithmetic facts, took notes in our interactive notebooks, and finished our review with a test (some classes still need to test).

Next week, we will start with fractions.

Please have your student bring a spiral, 1-subject notebook on Monday. I will also have some extra notebooks. Students will use the notebook to take notes and paste resource pages.

We are continuing to practice each and everyday classroom etiquette. Parents, please have a conversation with your child about proper classroom behavior. I am having to stop my lessons more times than I would like to due to excessive talking, behavior issues or simply not focusing.

Thank you

Math with Mrs. Zuniga:

Zuniga Homeroom: We are still multiplying by 2 digits this week, but will need to continue practicing. I recommend parents work with your students at home to master multiplication fact fluency.

Ferguson Homeroom: Students took their decimal quiz this week after spending the week reviewing. Next week, we will begin talking about percents and conversions between percents, decimals, and fractions.

Soto Homeroom: Students took their fraction quiz last Friday, but the scores were not where we wanted them to be. We moved into dividing fractions, but next week we will go back to review fractions from the beginning.

Williams Homeroom: We practiced exponents and moved into learning about squares and square roots. Next week we will talk about cubes and cube roots with some practice and a small quiz on exponents and squares, cubes and roots.

Math with Mrs. Rapp:

Pre-Algebra (Pink, Yellow, & Green): During week 7 we worked on Exponents. We learned how to take an expanded multiplication expression and put it into an exponential expression and then evaluate. We will continue practicing this next week as well as learning about zero and negative exponents. Then move on in to 1-6 Perfect Squares/Cubes.

Algebra(Red): Throughout week 7 we continued in Unit 2: Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities. We have picked up the pace and will continue and students are doing great. We will be taking a quiz early next week.

Language Arts with Ms. Rodieck:

All Homerooms: Students need to also carry headphones in their backpacks for the times we do I-ready in the classroom. Inexpensive ones that can plug into the computers are the best.

Students will also get their Trimester One Book Report Assignment on Week 8 and it will be due Week 12 – due dates will be put in their agendas. Students should always have a book in their backpack to pull out in any class to read.

Zuniga’s HR continued to read Love That Dog. Next week, we will continue to read Love That Dog, Write some poetry based on the novel, and write a personal narrative using a graphic organizer.

Rodieck’s, Nijjar’s, and Ferguson’s HRs continued to read A Long Walk to Water and wrote a personal narrative about the one thing we’d save if we had to flee our homes. Next week we will continue with personal narratives, A Long Walk to Water, and verbs. Subject and Predicate and Diagramming are coming soon.

Language Arts with Mr. Harding:

All classes continue reading A Long Walk to Water. As we approach the midpoint of the book, the themes are revealing themselves and the narrative is beginning to have meaning. Our main focus is note taking and being able to recall then verify events from the text. Students will be able to use their notes for any quiz or exam, but not the book.

We will begin iReady online practice in the classroom next week. All students should carry a reliable but cheap set of earbuds in their backpack. When we use the program, earphones are required.

Language Arts with Mrs. Soto

This week we focused on working on their essays. This consisted of a peer review and revisions. Along with their essays they are continuing to read the book quickly and are set to finish it next week.

Students should look forward to a final project that is associated with the book and many other final assignments to go along with the plot and themes of A Long Walk to Water.

Life Management with Ms. Ferguson:

During this Homecoming week the students learned the basics of menu planning and how restaurants come up with their menu. This was followed by students creating their own digital menu for a restaurant of their creation.

Art (Creative Expression) with Mrs. Aldrich:

Students learned about Positive and Negative Space in art and created their own projects to reflect the principles. Below are some student examples:




Millennium High School


Important Upcoming Dates:

Early Release-Days: We have 3 early release days scheduled this year. During these days, students will attend school until 11:30. These dates were originally scheduled to be fully asynchronous but are now minimum days. The dates are:

November 5th

February 4th

April 29th



Sign ups are open for the PSAT/NMSQT Test offered on Saturday, October 16th at Millennium High School! The cost is $20 to register. Payment for registration (Cash or Check) may be paid in person to the Counseling Office before test day and/or brought in person on the day of testing. Space is limited and this practice test is recommended for 11th grade students. However, 9th and 10th grade students are able to register. Test time: Arrival 7:45AM – Testing Begins 8:00AM – approximately 11:45AM Rooms to be announced. Students may sign up here:


The next opportunity for students to take a Delta College class is Spring 2022, beginning in January! The process for Spring 2022 begins today with two informational videos, which are available on the MHS Counseling website, students’ nest Google Classrooms, Unity and here in the Charter Chatter.

Brand new to CES and want to learn more? Watch this 10-minute overview video:

ALL students interested in taking a Spring college class, watch this 9-minute video for deadlines and updates:

The MHS Grade Check Google Form and College Early Start Docusign Form will be due Monday, October 11 at 11:59pm. Students need to meet this deadline, and be earning A’s and B’s in their high school classes to qualify.

For more information about the College Early Start program, please visit this link, to be updated throughout the next two weeks as the process continues:


CSF is an honors society that recognizes outstanding academic achievement and encourages paying it forward by serving one’s community. High school students must reapply each semester to maintain their membership in the club, and membership is based on the previous semester’s report card grades. Students with mostly A’s in rigorous classes may qualify based on a point system outlined by the CSF State Office. Online applications to join Millennium’s CSF Chapter are due Wednesday, September 29th. Current 10th -12th graders may apply here:

Current 9th graders can qualify this Fall semester only if they were CJSF Honors Members in the 8th grade, and may email proof of membership (picture of certificate, email from former adviser, etc.) to Ms. Moore at by 9/29. Otherwise, 9th graders are encouraged to apply during Spring Semester.




LUNCH: Ordering lunch is slightly different this year. All students should have a lunch account to pay for lunches. To register, go to and create an account. You must choose/type in your specific school (Millennium High School) and you will need your student school I.D. number. If you have any difficulties creating an account online, money can still be added to your account by either cash, check, or debit card. You can drop off payment in the lunch dropbox that is located in the main office. We are still in the process of adding new students to our mealtime system and hope to have it completed next week.

Lunch is ordered the day before it is delivered to class. All students should order their lunch during 3rd period/HUB time. The Google Classroom code is SEUNSOU. Applications for Free & Reduced meals must be completed and turned in every year. You can apply on the website.