TLC Charter Chatter – Sept 27th 2021

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Misc. News and Announcements

Dates for Parent Cafe
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Wednesday, September 1
Wednesday, September 15
Wednesday, September 29
Wednesday, October 13
Wednesday, October 27
Wednesday, November 10
Wednesday, December 1
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Dates for Farmers Market
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Wednesday, August 18
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Looking for Golfers, Sponsors and Donations for our 7th Annual Millennium Athletics Golf Tournament. Contact Coach KV for more information


Sponsor Request 2021 PDF Thank you for supporting Millennium Athletics!! 🖤💛

Registration Form (PDF)

This months lunch Calendar:




Primary Charter School


Our carline extends onto Holly Dr. While we cannot dictate road rules, there is a clear line. Be courteous of those in line and enter at the end of the line. PCS PRO TIP: students are not considered LATE PICK UP until 3:45. As long as you are in the carline BEFORE 3:45 your child will be called. The closer to 3:45 the shorter the line. 🙂

AERIES Emergency Info Needed.

We still have several families who have not completed an updated emergency contact form. This information is very important and is used to contact parents if there is an emergency. If you have not completed this form, please do so and return it to our front office ASAP



Discovery Charter School 5th-8th:

**Attention All Parents**

Announcement From Mrs. Prescott:

It is with mixed emotions that I must inform my Discovery students and families that this will be my last week here at the Tracy Learning Center. My family and I are planning a move back to the east coast. I have loved spending the last 5 ½ years at the Tracy Learning Center getting to know and care about all of you! I will miss watching our students learn and grow up together—from our Primary siblings, to our students now in high school. The Tracy Learning Center is an AMAZING trio of schools with an unparalleled staff! Your students are in the VERY best care and learning environment here at DCS!!!

Beginning October 4th, please contact Mrs. Cerezo ( to address any of your DCS school questions. Ms. Welsby ( is one of our school psychologists and can be contacted for your student’s social emotional or mental health concerns. If you’re not sure who to reach out to for one of Discovery related needs, you can always call the front office (209-290-0511) and someone will direct you to the right person.

Thank you for your support and kind words over the years and know that I will be forever grateful to have been entrusted with the care and best interests of your students! Falcon Pride always!!!

~Mrs. Prescott~



***An Important Message from the Front Office***

Below you will find a link to our electronic parent website (AERIES). This database contains critical information about each DCS student and each student’s emergency contact information. This portion MUST BE FILLED OUT BY YOU. All data will be used to contact you in the event of an emergency. It is very important that you take the time to ensure we have all necessary information.


Use the following link and login in with the email and password you created when registering your student at the beginning of the school year. From there, navigate to the DATA CONFIRMATION PROCESS link. Once you enter the information, THE LAST STEP IS TO PRINT THE EMERGENCY CARD and turn it into the front office or to your child’s teacher.

If you believe you have already completed this process OR you need help completing this process please call 209-290-0511. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.



School Improvement Committee (SIC) Meeting:

September 28th, 2021, 4:30-5:00pm

Join Zoom Meeting:

This upcoming Tuesday, September 28th from 4:30-5:00pm, we will be having our first monthly SIC meeting of the school year. Information about Discovery’s Action Plan and start of the year updates will be shared. The meeting is open to all staff, parents, and students. Hope to “see” you there!

PICTURE RETAKE DAY: October 5th, 2021


Spirit Wear Update

Thank you everyone for ordering spirit wear! The development and shipping process does take some time and we appreciate your patience! The estimated arrival for spirit wear is next week. As soon as they arrive, they will be passed out to students.


7th/8th – Top 5 Nest Point earners from Week 7





5th/6th – Top 5 Nest Point earners from Week 7





⅚ Social Studies with Mr. Bird:

During week 8 students finished their final lesson of our unit on Early Humans and the Stone Age! They learned about hunter-gatherers in the Paleolithic Age and how the development of agriculture changed daily life in the Neolithic Age.


For week 9, students will show what they’ve learned during this unit by creating a comic strip about life in the Neolithic Age. They will show how life has changed over time from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic Age. The comic strip will be glued into their interactive notebook. Later in the week, students will participate in a fun activity in which they will compete with other groups to weave baskets out of strips of paper. The hunter-gatherer group whose basket holds the most weight wins!

Early humans and the stone age unit test is planned for October 8. Students should be studying their notebooks and worksheets in the meantime.


If there is extra time this week, students will be allowed to work on their D.A.R.E. songs. The next D.A.R.E. donation day is Friday, October 1. Please contact me at if it’s a large donation so I can have students from leadership assist at carline.

⅞ Social Studies with Ms. Zaca:

We have finally reached the end of our unit! This week students wrapped up ancient Rome and began studying for the Unit test. The unit test will be next Wednesday. Their cover page in their notebook on page 4 is due Wednesday also. There will be a notebook check too that day.

Please make sure that your child has added themselves to the google classroom for social studies! Announcements for class are made on here, in addition to tutorial videos for their homework assignments, the calendar of events, and any notes taken during class are uploaded onto the website. Please have your child email me if they have not signed up yet so that they can receive the classroom code from me (if they do not have it in their agendas).

Upcoming Dates:

HW #4 Unit 1 Study Guide due Monday, September 27th

HW #3 Page 4 Cover Page due Wednesday, September 29th

Unit 1 Test Wednesday, September 29th

Calendar of Events

⅚ Science with Mrs. Bharadwaj:

⅞ Science with Ms. Dominguez:

DATES TENTATIVE Schedule for the Week of Sept. 27th

(Dates are subject to change based on the pace of each class)

Monday Due to a poor average on the Ecosystems Quiz this last week, I will be back tracking a bit to make sure that students are clear on the material before we move on as a class.

  1. Review Ecosystem Notes – These are the same notes that were posted to Google Classroom leading up to the first quiz
  2. Build Study Guide together
    1. Students will use the notes provided on Google Classroom to create a bulleted study guide
      1. Please Note: We will be trying a new format for the Study Guide based on the suggestion of the students this week in our Post Test discussion
  1. Pass back original tests
    1. We will discuss each answer and why it was the correct choice
    2. Students will have the chance to rewrite the question in a way that makes more sense to them if needed
    3. I will keep track of all rewritten questions
  1. Review Game
    1. Students have suggested we try a review game that Miss Zaca uses in her class
    2. Student “leaders” will be selected to run this game in class to review for the retake so that I can see how this game works in person
  1. Quiz RETAKE
    1. All classes will have the opportunity to retake the test
    2. This grade will REPLACE the grade of the original quiz
  1. Return to the Where are the Wolverines Activity
    1. We will read over the article again before continuing since we stopped where we were at to retake the quiz

Math with Ms. Saenz:

Hello Parents,

As I wrap up my 3rd week as your child’s new math teacher, I have been busy getting to know your student(s) and creating classroom procedures and policies. I also want to thank all of the students and parents for their patience. I know some are eager to get the ball rolling with homework. I promise at the start of October it will be more productive.

This week, we worked on organizing our math notebook. The notebook will contain notes, resource pages, and activity sheets. The idea of the notebook is for students to use it as a reference for their classwork, homework or study guide. It’s important your child has their notebook with them everyday and keeps it organized. We also started our lesson on Fractions.

Classroom behavior has improved this week. Students are being respectful of each other, not talking over me, and helping maintain the classroom clean.

Thank you

Math with Mrs. Zuniga:

Zuniga Homeroom: We are continuing our lesson on multiplying by 2 digits and next week will be powers of ten. I hope to be starting division by the first week of October.

Ferguson Homeroom: Students did great on their decimal quiz. Our next concept this week was problems involving percentages which students are needing tons of practice with. We will continue the beginning of next week before moving on.

Soto Homeroom: We will be taking our fraction unit test next Friday to finish up fractions. Next week will be spent reviewing for our fraction test.

Williams Homeroom: Students reviewed exponents, squares, cubes and roots this week. They will be taking a short quiz on these concepts before moving on to scientific notation next week.

Math with Mrs. Rapp:

Pre-Algebra (Pink, Yellow, & Green): During week 8 we did a little bit of practice with Exponents and then moved into 1-6 Perfect Squares/Cubes. Students were familiar with squares and cubes, so we ended the week with a review.

Algebra(Red): Throughout week 8 we continued in Unit 2: Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities. Students took a quiz and we ended the week on an easier note with some number sense activities.

Language Arts with Ms. Rodieck:

All Homerooms: Just want to remind that students need to be carrying small inexpensive headphones or earbuds (that plug into the computer) to use when we are doing I-Ready. Students also need to be carrying a book in their backpack that they can pull out and read. Book Reports will be due Wednesday, October 29, 2021.

Zuniga’s HR continued to read Love That Dog. Next week, we will finish reading our current novels. We will also be looking at different types of sentences before we start looking at subjects and predicates.

Rodieck’s, Nijjar’s, and Ferguson’s HRs will finish A Long Walk to Water and learn about themes in the book. The following week they will complete a final project about the book to be shared in class. Subject and Predicate and Diagramming are coming soon.

Language Arts with Mr. Harding:

All classes have finished reading A Long Walk to Water. We will complete an exam, write an essay, and complete a group visual composition . The need for effective student notes will be demonstrated in this process.

We will use iReady next week to reinforce skills.

Language Arts with Mrs. Soto

This week we focused on working on their essays. This consisted of a peer review and revisions. Along with their essays they are continuing to read the book quickly and are set to finish it next week.

Students should look forward to a final project that is associated with the book and many other final assignments to go along with the plot and themes of A Long Walk to Water.

Discovery 5-8th Physical Education Department:

It is week one of our new units, we have been working on basic skills and will move on to lead up games next week.

Coach Levand is in ultimate frisbee, and ultimate kanjam

Coach Penirian is in eclipse ball and soft tennis

Coach Williams is in soccer

Life Management with Ms. Ferguson:

This week in Life Management the students presented the menu projects that they created and made pancakes on Friday! Next week we are diving into nutrition and how to read nutrition labels.

Here are some pictures from pancake making, they did an awesome job!

Art (Creative Expression) with Mrs. Aldrich:

Students played with opposites and relationships and created Dual Art projects this week!


Millennium High School

AERIES Emergency Info Needed.

We still have several families who have not completed an updated emergency contact form. This information is very important and is used to contact parents if there is an emergency. If you have not completed this form, please do so and return it to our front office ASAP


Important Upcoming Dates:

Early Release-Days: We have 3 early release days scheduled this year. During these days, students will attend school until 11:30. These dates were originally scheduled to be fully asynchronous but are now minimum days. The dates are:

November 5th

February 4th

April 29th

SENIOR INFO – Class of 2022


Dear Parents of the Senior Class of 2022, Thank you for your patience as information regarding college and specific dates and deadlines have been released to us much later than usual. Counselors were in the Senior English classes this week discussing Senior year dates and deadlines and the general overview of college and post high school plans.  Below is the senior presentation and the senior packet of information to help you with planning for the year.
Best of luck Class of 2022 parents!

Delta College is hosting their annual College Night with virtual College Fair this Monday, September 27th at 5:30pm. This virtual event is great for students and families wanting to research colleges and specific resources that Delta College offers.  Attached is the flyer with the zoom and registration links. 


It’s hard to believe that we are already half way through the Fall Athletics Season! While COVID is still in the forefront of how we operate, some restrictions have been lifted for indoor sports (while others remain firmly in place). We are now able to allow spectators at all athletic events, but masks are required to be worn indoors at all times, which would include any volleyball and basketball events. Fans that do not wish to follow that expectation (vaccinated or not) will not be allowed into the gyms. We have done a great job over the last year and a half following these guidelines, and I know we all anticipate the day it’s no longer required!

Looking to be a high school coach? Often times parents inquire as to how they can get into coaching… Here are your 2 main “go to” platforms: and You can go to both of those links to find available coaching positions throughout the state of California, including here at MHS, when spots are available. Being a high school coach includes much more than just an understanding of the game. One must work with facilities/equipment/enrollment/circumstances provided school by school, in addition to having a strong understanding of NFHS and CIF Section/State bylaws. Athletics is an extension of the classroom, of which our participants are students first, athletes second.

Parents often find themselves in a challenging role of separating themselves from “Parent” and “Parent Coach”. I would strongly encourage all parents to check out these courses available from NFHS Learn:

PARENTS & ATHLETES: This should go without saying, however, here we are. Any student-athletes found to be participating in (or associated with) vandalism to community/school property and otherwise can plan to be removed from their current team for the duration of the season, as well as potential to be removed from the Athletics program as a whole for the duration of the school year. Such behaviors will not be tolerated and we expect our students to represent with class, taking pride in not only our own facilities, but respecting those of which we travel to.

Looking for schedules? In-Season sports will always have their schedules posted and current at both and

Lastly, a huge thank you to all of the parents and community members that have volunteered their time to help out at athletic events, from admissions gate and chain gang, to announcing and snack bar. These events benefit greatly from your involvement and we appreciate you!





Sign ups are open for the PSAT/NMSQT Test offered on Saturday, October 16th at Millennium High School! The cost is $20 to register. Payment for registration (Cash or Check) may be paid in person to the Counseling Office before test day and/or brought in person on the day of testing. Space is limited and this practice test is recommended for 11th grade students. However, 9th and 10th grade students are able to register. Test time: Arrival 7:45AM – Testing Begins 8:00AM – approximately 11:45AM Rooms to be announced. Students may sign up here:


The next opportunity for students to take a Delta College class is Spring 2022, beginning in January! The process for Spring 2022 begins today with two informational videos, which are available on the MHS Counseling website, students’ nest Google Classrooms, Unity and here in the Charter Chatter.

Brand new to CES and want to learn more? Watch this 10-minute overview video:

ALL students interested in taking a Spring college class, watch this 9-minute video for deadlines and updates:

The MHS Grade Check Google Form and College Early Start Docusign Form will be due Monday, October 11 at 11:59pm. Students need to meet this deadline, and be earning A’s and B’s in their high school classes to qualify.

For more information about the College Early Start program, please visit this link, to be updated throughout the next two weeks as the process continues:




CSF is an honors society that recognizes outstanding academic achievement and encourages paying it forward by serving one’s community. High school students must reapply each semester to maintain their membership in the club, and membership is based on the previous semester’s report card grades. Students with mostly A’s in rigorous classes may qualify based on a point system outlined by the CSF State Office. Online applications to join Millennium’s CSF Chapter are due Wednesday, September 29th. Current 10th -12th graders may apply here:

Current 9th graders can qualify this Fall semester only if they were CJSF Honors Members in the 8th grade, and may email proof of membership (picture of certificate, email from former adviser, etc.) to Ms. Moore at by 9/29. Otherwise, 9th graders are encouraged to apply during Spring Semester.

What a great Homecoming week we had! I hope everyone is well-rested after our many fun events.

On Saturday, instead of sleeping in, six brave Falcons rose and shone at our first in-person speech tournament since March 13, 2020. And their persistence paid off! In a field of nine schools and ~160 entries, all of our MHS students finished in the top 10 in their events. If you see these students around campus, please congratulate them!

Dylan Maness Dominguez – 9th Place, Novice Congressional Debate

Colin Lang – 8th Place, Novice Congressional Debate

Sydney Saylors – 8th Place, Novice Impromptu Speaking

Danica Knowlden – 7th Place, Varsity Impromptu Speaking

Colin Lang – 6th Place, Novice Impromptu Speaking

Dylan Maness Dominguez – 5th Place, Novice Impromptu Speaking

Patrick Bouckaert – 5th Place, Varsity Informative Speaking

Danica Knowlden – 3rd Place, Varsity Dramatic Interpretation

Lucy Lamanna – 3rd Place, Varsity Impromptu Speaking

Danica Knowlden – 2nd Place, Varsity Parliamentary Debate (w/partner Lucy Lamanna)

Lucy Lamanna – 2nd Place, Varsity Parliamentary Debate (w/partner Danica Knowlden)

Our next tournament is 10/2 at Enochs High School in Modesto. If you are interested in coming by to observe and help us out with judging, please let me know! I have free coffee and food waiting for you : )



LUNCH: Ordering lunch is slightly different this year. All students should have a lunch account to pay for lunches. To register, go to and create an account. You must choose/type in your specific school (Millennium High School) and you will need your student school I.D. number. If you have any difficulties creating an account online, money can still be added to your account by either cash, check, or debit card. You can drop off payment in the lunch dropbox that is located in the main office. We are still in the process of adding new students to our mealtime system and hope to have it completed next week.

Lunch is ordered the day before it is delivered to class. All students should order their lunch during 3rd period/HUB time. The Google Classroom code is SEUNSOU. Applications for Free & Reduced meals must be completed and turned in every year. You can apply on the website.