TLC Charter Chatter – Week of 8/8

TLC Charter Chatter

News, Information, and Updates for Primary, Discovery, and Millennium Charter Schools

A Message from our CEO, Carolyn Woods

Thank you to all who attended Discovery and Millennium’s back-to-school nights this week. It was wonderful to see such a great turnout and to welcome parents back to campus. The entire staff is here for you; if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We have implemented a new safety protocol here at TLC. All staff and students are required to wear lanyards during the school day. Wearing ID badges is an important element of safeguarding in schools- they help prevent unauthorized personnel from entering school property, and wearing a distinctive lanyard in the same color helps to easily identify staff and students.

If your Discovery or Millennium student forgets their lanyard, they will be issued a green loaner, which will have to be returned at the end of the day. If they repeatedly forget their lanyard, a replacement student lanyard will need to be purchased for $5.00. Please help ensure that your student comes prepared with their lanyard each day. (Primary students keep their lanyards in their classrooms).

Thank you for your cooperation!

Mrs. Woods




Our EL Department would like to invite you:



Next Year’s School Calendar – 2022-23



TLC Preschool/TK

PICTURE DAY INFO (pdf order form link for PreK/TK student ONLY)


Primary Charter School

It was a fantastic second week in PCS! All of our students are enjoying the new breakfast time and we love our Friday Unity!

If you are picking up your child through one of the walking options, please have their carline tag with you. This will ensure a safe and efficient pickup process.

Now that our afternoon carline is running smoothly, we will end our carline at 3:35 every day. If you arrive to pick your child up after 3:35, this will be considered late pickup and you will need to pick them up from the office.

Thank you for being on time!

PCS Picture day will be August 24 for grades K-4.

TK picture day will be August 25.

PICTURE DAY INFO (pdf order form link for PCS student ONLY)

Special Education

Parent Resources

Whether you are experienced or new to the special education system, knowing your rights as a parent is crucial to navigating the IEP process. These resources provide additional information that will help you understand safeguards and rights available to parents.

Notice of Procedural Safeguards

Aviso de Garantías Procesales

Parent Handbook

What is a SELPA?

In California, every local education agency (LEA) is required to belong to a Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA). The SELPA is a consortium of LEAs responsible for the development of special education policies and procedures, distribution of federal and state special education funds, and providing a range of professional development pertaining to special education. With this support, the Charter SELPA’s partners continue to demonstrate the capacity to provide high quality special education programs to their students. The El Dorado Charter SELPA was the first statewide charter-only SELPA. The Charter SELPA is a cooperative model designed to ensure special education programs are available for all students with disabilities.

Tracy Learning Center is part of the El Dorado Charter SELPA.

SELPA Website: El Dorado Charter SELPA

El Dorado Charter SELPA’s Community Advisory Committee is a group formed to advise the Charter SELPA about the Special Education Local Plan, annual priorities, parent education, and other special education related activities. The CAC is designed to be a dynamic collaborative partnership of educators, parents, and community members. The CAC holds three business meetings annually to address topics of interest to families of children with disabilities and gather information to advise our Special Education Local Plan.

Parent Resources | El Dorado Charter SELPA

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the special education department.

Renu Singh

(209) 290-0511

Director Special Education



Discovery Charter School 5th-8th:

Take a look into our classrooms!

2022-2023 DCS Charter Chatter




As required by California law (Health and Safety Code 120325 – 120375), parents need to provide proof of a Tdap vaccine (pertussis – Whooping Cough Booster) for all students entering the 7th grade. Documentation must state the shot was given on or after their 7th birthday. This means ALL current 7th graders must get up to date NOW.

It is important that you begin now, to ensure your child gets his/her required vaccination prior to school re-opening on August 1, 2022. We suggest you call and arrange this vaccine appointment asap.

Getting them up to date now, will not only protect them against Pertussis but also ensure class placement and prevent exclusion from school once students return to campus.

Remember to ask your physician about other vaccines your child may need, and bring your child’s yellow immunization card to the visit. Please return a copy of ALL up-to-date immunizations to school prior to the beginning of the next year school year.

For questions, please call your primary physician today or call the San Joaquin County Public Health Services Program, at (209) 468-3481.

Students will not be allowed to attend campus classes without his/her completion of all school-required vaccines/immunizations.



Millennium High School

Please check the email you have on file with AERIES to view your invitation to the MHS Information Google Classroom. This will be our avenue of communication to parents and students this year.

Back to School Night is Thursday, August 11th from 6PM-7PM. Parents should enter through the MHS carline gate (front of the school) and meet in the Gym. Parents should plan to follow their students’ schedule and meet their students’ teachers for 5 minutes at a time. Directly following, we will have our Fall Sports Meeting at 7PM in the Gym.

Picture Day is Tuesday, August 16th. Yearbook senior portraits will also be taken at this time.

Millennium Bell Schedule 2022-23

0 period 7:30-8:30

1st period 8:30-9:30

HUB Nutrition break 9:30-9:45

2nd period 9:45-10:45

3rd period 10:45-11:45

Lunch 11:45-12:30

5th period 12:30-1:30

6th period 1:30-2:30

7th period 2:30-3:30

8th period 3:30-4:30

PICTURE DAY INFO (pdf order form link for MHS student ONLY)





Welcome Back! Our Fall sports have officially begun! Any student athletes who still want to join JV or Varsity Football or Cross Country need to ACT FAST!!! All teams are practicing daily and games begin on August 19th! Our Volleyball and Cheer teams are already in place and ready, but Cross Country and Football can still add more players to their rosters – But remember, you must get a Sports Physical and put a picture onto

Here is a step by step guide to follow – you can always email me with questions at

First – Go to Complete ALL forms on this website.

Second – Click on this link to Download a copy of the Sports Physical

Third – Take the forms from step 2 to your doctor to have them filled out.

Fourth and Final Step – Take a picture of the completed sports physical form and attach it on your athletic clearance!

Do you want to meet your Fall Coaches? Well, they want to meet you! On August 11th AFTER BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT, stay to meet with me and your coaches! Each team will break off into a different room to discuss the upcoming season! The meeting will start after Back to School Night Ends! We will start in the GYM at approximately 7pm

Your Fall coaches are:

Football – Head Coach Jamani Woods

Volleyball – Head Coach Marilou Treltas (Coach T)

Cross Country – Head Coach Mike Copass

Cheer – Head Coach Denise Hayes

For any questions, email me, Drew Reyes, the Millennium Athletic Director at

Be a part of something this Fall – Be a part of Falcon Athletics!