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A Message from our CEO, Carolyn Woods


It is open enrollment time for Millennium High School! Applications are now available online at

IMPORTANT– current Discovery 8th graders are not automatically accepted to Millennium, you must apply.

Why choose Millennium? Here are a few testimonials from some of our past and current MHS students:

Some of the highlights of this school are the variety of sports, extracurricular activities, mandatory internships for seniors, and different learning paths! As a student, the fact that MHS has different learning paths for students that are advanced or students who are falling behind is very helpful. MHS is very different from other school districts because there are more opportunities here.

The highlights and benefits that separate MHS from other schools is planning for the future. MHS keeps you on track to graduate and move further into college which other schools don’t do as well. Another benefit of MHS is the cleaner and safer environment that other schools do not have. A benefit is that you get to experience an internship so when you get a real job it’s not all new. The teachers are also more engaged with the students since the student count is lower, so the students can communicate with the teachers more efficiently.

I came to MHS because I used to have friends that went here. They were always preaching about MHS and the education here. When I came, I realized how different the MHS teaching style was compared to Kimball. While you have to go the extra mile by getting 200 community service hours and doing college prep classes, you gain more experience and are getting prepared for life after high school. You can also take college classes for free, if you pass, you can get a boosted GPA and more credits. I also like the athletics program. Although the amount of teams available is small, there is a more hands-on and one on one coaching style. With a smaller team, new players can understand and learn the game better because there are not as many people.

My parents wanted me to come to MHS. They thought that it would be a good opportunity for me. I didn’t want to come here at first but after being here for a couple of months I have changed my mind. There are many benefits that you can get here at MHS. This school offers the senior internship, which looks good on a college application and gives you working experience. They also pay for your college classes which can benefit you when you actually go into college. They also have Fast Track which allows you to either retake a class or move up another one. These are just some benefits and that’s why I like going here because it will help me get ahead and the teachers actually care if you are doing good or not.

MHS brings the best in education, where else can you find a school that will pay for your first two years in college or makes you take on an internship. We are also very hands-on, so we understand what we are learning. Finally, with small class sizes, teachers can feel more connected with us and it is easier to ask for help. With all of that, we stand out from all the other schools even from other cities.

Go online and apply now!

Thank you,

Mrs. Woods

IMPORTANT: We have been made aware of a disturbing trend going around involving gel guns. Individuals shoot at pedestrians with automatic gel/airsoft guns, usually from a car. Please be aware of your surroundings and if you see something, call the police immediately.


TLC Info:   This Wednesday we will have a school safety drill for all classes.  This will be another opportunity for our staff and students to practice our emergency procedures. This is something we do all year as we continue to take the steps to ensure our campus is as safe as possible.  Our TLC Safety Committee, made up of teachers and administrators has developed detailed plans and processes for all scenarios and we strongly believe it is important to practice these throughout the year.



TLC Breakfast/Lunch Menus


Primary Charter School





Using your computer’s browser:

  • Go to
  • Click “Not Registered For This Year’s Event”
  • Enter your name and email address, then click “Submit”
  • Follow the instructions on-screen to register Jogger(s) (your child/children)
  • Add family and friends with contact info (you will add yourself here as well)
  • You can add email addresses and/or phone numbers (for text), and/or share on social media
  • There is also an option to print a QR code that goes with your child’s profile and that can be scanned by anyone wishing to make a pledge

If you have any questions please email Coach Knaus at

*Pledging will remain active through December 2, 2022 at midnight.



Primary Celebrates Dia de los Muertos

Parent Teacher conferences are November 15, 16, &17th.

You should have received a conference sign up sheet. Be sure to turn it in to secure your spot!



Need Before or After School Care? Use the QR codes below to find out more about Champions!



Special Education

Assistive technology is anything/anyone that helps a student make progress. Low Tech Assistive Technology is the most common form of assistive technology. Most of these are present in most classrooms and we are unaware that we even provide these accommodations.

Click on the link to learn more:

Accommodations: High Tech vs. Low Tech

If you have any questions feel free to contact the special education department.

Renu Singh

(209) 290-0511

Director Special Education


Discovery Charter School 5th-8th:

Take a look into our classrooms!

Week 13 DCS Charter Chatter



As required by California law (Health and Safety Code 120325 – 120375), parents need to provide proof of a Tdap vaccine (pertussis – Whooping Cough Booster) for all students entering the 7th grade. Documentation must state the shot was given on or after their 7th birthday. This means ALL current 7th graders must get up to date NOW.

It is important that you begin now, to ensure your child gets his/her required vaccination prior to school re-opening on August 1, 2022. We suggest you call and arrange this vaccine appointment asap.

Getting them up to date now, will not only protect them against Pertussis but also ensure class placement and prevent exclusion from school once students return to campus.

Remember to ask your physician about other vaccines your child may need, and bring your child’s yellow immunization card to the visit. Please return a copy of ALL up-to-date immunizations to school prior to the beginning of the next year school year.

For questions, please call your primary physician today or call the San Joaquin County Public Health Services Program, at (209) 468-3481.




THIS WEEK IN MHS – Our Weekly Newsletter for Millennium Families


MHS Families:   In honor of Veterans Day our campus will be closed this Friday, November 11th.


November is open enrollment time for Millennium High School! Applications are now available online at


Students, please remember to check the MHS Announcements Google Classroom for important info regarding school activities, community service opportunities, and college information.