TLC Wet Weather Preparations


Hello TLC Families,

We wanted to make sure everyone is aware that TLC has taken extra steps on our campus to prepare for the coming storms.  We do not know what these next weather systems will bring in terms of rain and wind but our staff has been working hard to be ready for any scenario.

We are fortunate to have our new buildings that are leak-free and equipped with all the safety systems needed in case of power outages.  Battery back-ups on all our classroom and bathroom lighting ensure we still have light during an outage.

Our office phone, internet and emergency system are all on a battery backup system so we will still have communications during a power outage.  The front office staff are also linked with our school telephone system via an app so we can continue to contact parents if needed.

Our custodial staff are patrolling the campus to check for any hazards such as downed trees or equipment.   We have also planned alternative carline routes in the event of local flooding.  Thank you George and his team!


In the event that we have to close the campus, you will receive a phone call and text via our mass communications system.  We contact all parents with the information you provided in our AERIES student information system.  We will also post and announcements on the charter chatter as well as facebook and twitter pages.


We hope everyone stays safe over the coming days.  What a way to start 2023!