TLC Charter Chatter – No School Monday June 19th

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A Message from our CEO, Carolyn Woods

HelloTLC families! We are ending the year with a very action-packed and exciting week for staff and students. Here are a few events to take note of:

Tuesday, June 20- PCS & DCS Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, June 21- PCS Water Day

Wednesday, June 21- 8th Grade Dance

Thursday, June 22- 4th Grade Dance

Thursday, June 22- TK Ceremony

Thursday, June 22- DCS Promotion @ Grand Theatre

Friday, June 23- DCS Water Day & 8th Grade Great America Trip

Friday, June 23- Finals for Fast Track


And do not forget- early dismissal next week:

PCS: Tuesday-Friday, 12:30 Dismissal

DCS: Tuesday-Thursday- 1:00 Dismissal

***8th grade dismissal @ 12:30 on Thursday only***

DCS: Friday 11:30 Dismissal



Thank you!

Mrs. Woods


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep those donations coming, they are so very appreciated! You can follow the link to our PayPal account to easily donate to the fund. Please feel free to share the link with family and friends!!!

No donation is too big or too small. . . .we take them all! 

Thank you!

Important Dates to Remember:

Jun 16, 2023– PCS Evening of Excellence

June 19, 2023- Juneteenth Holiday, no school 

June 20-23- Early Release Days for PCS and DCS

June 22, 2023- 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony



PUBLIC NOTICE FROM SJ Pollution Control District

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This year seems to be just flying by. As we begin to prepare for next year, we would like to remind our current 6th-grade parents that all incoming seventh-graders must be up to date with his/her required immunizations.

As required by California law, (Health and Safety Code 120325 – 120375), parents need to provide proof of receiving the Tdap vaccine (Pertussis – Whooping Cough Booster). 

All students entering 7th – 12th grades must have proof of a Tdap booster shot. Documentation must state the shot was given on or after their 7th birthday. This means ALL current 6th graders must get up to date. 

It is important that you begin now, to ensure your child get their vaccination and to avoid appointment delays.

Receiving the immunizations and ensuring they are up to date now, will not only protect them against Pertussis, but also ensure class placement and prevent exclusion from school in the coming year.  No students will be allowed to attend school next year without up to date immunizations.

Remember to ask your physician about other vaccines your child may need, and bring your child’s yellow immunization card to the visit. Please return a copy of ALL up to date immunizations to Kay Fagundes in the school office before May 19, 2023.

For questions, please call your primary physician today or call the San Joaquin County Public Health Services Program, at (209) 468-3481.

Again, no students will be allowed to attend school next year, without up-to-date immunizations. We are requesting TDaP proof to be brought to the office by May 19, 2023.


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Special Education

Students, parents and teachers are counting down until summer break! Summer break is a great time to connect with family and friends and engage in fun activities we might not usually have time for! Summer break also allows for a lot of down time that we all know our kids would prefer to fill with screens. Limiting time on screens is beneficial for children for various reasons- cognitive, academic, social, emotional and more! Below are some fun summer activities that are screen free. We hope you have a great summer! 

Summer Fun Activities! (PDF)