TLC Distance Learning – Survey and DCS Student of the Week

TLC Distance Learning Survey-

We need to hear from you.  Please take a moment and complete the following survey.  Results will help us continue to develop an online learning platform that helps keep our students engaged and learning

Celebrating our students does not stop with online learning.

Please join us in celebrating our DCS Falcon of the Week

Week One in the Books! Welcome to Week Two of TLC Distance Learning


A Message from the Director

Congratulations to all of us for a successful first week of school. Parents and students did a great job following directions and supporting the students.  We are here to help you when you find yourself confused.

Staff is doing a great job of creating opportunities for interactive and interesting ways to make distance learning more enjoyable.  We all know it is not as much fun as being in person, but it is working.

We appreciate all that everyone is doing to make our opening of school and our program possible.  It truly does take a whole village of staff, parents, and students to make it work.  Now more than ever we need to be a united partnership in the learning community.  If we all work together it will be a success.

Thank you for all you are doing.

– Virginia Stewart




Staff Spotlight –

Dyanne Holmes – MHS Science



TLC Tech Team Updates –


We owe a huge thank you to all our parents for working with us through this difficult learning process.  Moving over 1200 students online was a huge task and despite all the planning and preparation, problems will come up.  We will keep working hard to do all we can to keep your students learning!  If you ever have a question or issue, email us at



Ignore the TUSD message – Does not apply to TLC

We had some confusion regarding the message TUSD sent out to all students.  The text and phone call about changes in usernames and passwords does not apply to Tracy Learning Center students.

All Primary, Discovery, and Millennium logins did not change.  Thank you.




But TLC’s first day of distance learning is in the books!  I want to thank all our parents and students for working so hard to get this new year started.

We did have some hiccups and areas we can improve but considering last month we thought we would be on campus, I think everyone did an admirable job.

Over the next few days, this will become more familiar and natural.  We will keep striving to provide a quality, meaningful education even when we cannot be on site.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.  Teachers and tech support are happy to assist.


Be ready for Monday morning – TLC Distance Learning begins tomorrow.

Hopefully, everyone has picked out there “first day of school” outfit (or at least what can be seen on your webcam) and got their supplies set up for our first day of classes.

Technology is an amazing tool that will allow users to do so much even from our own homes but it does have it’s issued and usually they happen at the worst time.

Here are a few tricks and reminders to hopefully take some of the stress away from this first day online.

  • Update your computers – All devices have updates sent to them for safety and features.  Laptops, Desktops, Chromebooks and Ipads should be running the latest software to prevent issues with programs.
    • Laptops and Desktops – usually you can go to the start menu or finder and type in updates.  This will point you to update page and you can check to see what needs to be installed.  If it has been a while this can take a long time so I suggest doing it now rather than Monday morning.
    • Update Chrome browser – When in Google Chrome go to the 3 dots in the upper right.  Then settings followed by ‘About Chrome’ at the bottom of the menu.  This will show if you are updated or now and allow you to run the update.
    • For ipads or phones – update your apps through the app store and go to settings, general and software updates.
    • For Chromebooks – they “should” automatically update but just in case you can do this:
  • Check for updates yourself

    1. Turn on your Chromebook.
    2. Connect your Chromebook to Wi-Fi.
    3. At the bottom right, select the time.
    4. Select Settings .
    5. At the bottom of the left panel, select About Chrome OS.
    6. Under “Google Chrome OS,” you’ll find which version of the Chrome operating system your Chromebook uses.
    7. Select Check for updates.
    8. If your Chromebook finds a software update, it will start to download automatically.

  • Make sure your username and password work – Sometimes names are misspelled or password IDs were incorrectly entered.  If you cannot log in contact and we can check your account and get you up and running.
    • When you email please provide your student first and last name as well as their Student ID number and the school/homeroom.

  • Go to and enter your class codes –
    • PCS Students were entered into their class so they need to log on and accept the invite.
    • MHS class codes can be found on the page. Cross reference your periods with your schedule to find your class codes.
    • DCS codes were emailed to parents via AERIES.  IF you did not get an email (and it is not in your spam folder) let us know by emailing

We do not expect our parents or students to be tech support wizards and if you have any issues please contact our TLC tech at

They will be working with all staff and students to help with any issues.


Most importantly, DO NOT PANIC.  We fully understand things do not always work as they should but working with technology and the challenges to provides to part of the education process as well.  It is a skill students will need in the future just like Math and Science etc.


Take care TLC families and see you all Tomorrow.

TLC Distance Learning – Welcome to a new school year

We are so excited to kick off this crazy school year and had a great time today passing out the last of our Chromebooks and getting our Primary students their materials.  This is a new experience for everyone and we understand there will be bumps in the road but together, we will make the best of a crummy situation.  We look forward to seeing everyone Monday morning.  Falcon Pride!!!


Today, information and supplies went home t our K-4 students.  This included your login information to access your Google Classrooms.  We encourage you to log in from your Chromebook or Chrome browser to make sure everything works this weekend.  IF you have any issues our tech team will be ready to help (email us at


All the class codes for Google Classroom and schedule information was emailed out to the address you had in AERIES.  If you did not receive it, please check your SPAM folder for any Distance Learning emails.  If you still cannot find the information email and we can help you out (

We encourage you all to log in and add your classes before Monday to make sure you do not have any issues.  See you all bright and early Monday.


All students received a schedule in the mail and have a email.  In most cases this is your first two letters of your first name and last name  Your password is usually your student ID number unless you changed it.  If you have issues email

To sing into Google Classroom you need to check the Classroom code table found in the previous Charter Chatter.  It takes about 10 mins to enroll in your online classes so please do not wait.

One tradition MHS has always had is Falcon Flight School.  It is our orientation program for incoming Freshman. Even though we are not on campus, our dedicated staff have put together a ‘virtual falcon flight school’:

Whole Video

Distance Learning Expectations

Accessing your email

Distance Learning Expectations

Distance Learning Expectations

Accessing AERIES


Classes begin Monday! – Last minute information…

Distance Learning is brand new for many of us.  We understand there will be problems and issues that come up, this is okay and we do not want anyone to panic.   We can help work through any issues and everyone will be veteran online learners before you know it.

A common question we have received is “can a student use a regular laptop or desktop to attend class online?” – YES.

The only extra step we recommend is that your computer has Google Chrome (  Then, the student should log into the Chrome Browser with their account.  This will automatically load all the addons and features we use at school – including zoom and content blockers. For help on logging into Chrome see THIS 



PCS has put together a helpful video to get on Google Classroom.  This is on a standard laptop but the same applies for a Chromebook.  An iPad just requires the Google Classroom app before you attempt to log in with your ** account (going home tomorrow (Friday) for PCS during our PCS Supply Pickup).


Emails went home to parents with all the information your student needs to get on Google Classroom, join their classes by entering the codes, and knowing what times you need to log in.  If you have any questions or need help getting ready for your classes please contact your teacher or  Most importantly, DON’T PANIC.


Hopefully, you checked the last charter chatter and found the chart with all the Google Classroom codes  (MHS 2020-21 Schedule – Google Class Codes).  Cross-reference your schedule you received in the mail to help you get into your classes.  We urge you to get logged in now so you are not rushed Sunday evening (or Monday morning….).  See you all Monday morning.  Go Falcons!


Part3 – TLC Distance Learning – Getting on to your Google Classroom

Monday, August 3rd is the big day!  Our staff are very excited to see all our students again so we wanted to make sure we give you all the information you need to get to class (virtually).


  1. All students will go to to access their virtual classrooms.  Please be on time.
  2. All students have a username and login.  This will be passed out this Friday, July 31st  accoring to the PCS supply pickup below.  This will allow them the get into Google Classroom.   In most cases, this is their first two initials and last name (ie John Smith –   If we have duplicates it is the full first name and full last name  Many students already know their password but if not, it is usually their student ID number.


3. If you have any issues just email your PCS classroom (ie

4. Once they are logged in they will see classroom listed.  PCS has added all students to their classes so they can just click on their room and they are ready to go.

5. All students must sign on from 8-12:30pm.


  1. All students will go to to access their virtual classrooms.  Please be on time.
  2. All students have a username and login.  Incoming 5th graders can find this on their schedule they received in the mail.  In most cases, this is their first two initials and last name (ie John Smith –   If we have duplicates it is the full first name and full last name  Many students already know their password but if not, it is usually their student ID number (check your schedule that was mailed home).
  3. Students will need to add their classes by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol in the upper right.  It will then ask for a class codes.  All parents will be emailed their students’ class codes tomorrow (Wednesday).
  4. If you have any issues just email
  5. All students must sign on from 8-12:30pm.
  • Please watch the video below for further clarifications


  1. All students will go to to access their virtual classrooms.  Please be on time.
  2. All students have a username and login.  Incoming 9th graders can find this on their schedule they received in the mail.  In most cases, this is their first two initials and last name (ie John Smith –   If we have duplicated it is the full first name and full last name  Many students already know their password but if not, it is usually their student ID number (this can be found on your student schedule that was mailed home).
  3. Students will need to add their classes by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol in the upper right.  It will then ask for class codes.

For class codes please check the following document:

MHS 2020-21 Schedule – Google Class Codes

4.     You must attend class (virtually) in Google Classroom at the times listed on the document above. You will notice there are no elective classes during distance learning except Spanish and ASL.  Please make a note of the internship and career ed times on the schedule.

For more about accessing   your Google Classroom with your account please watch the following video:

TLC Distance Learning Part 3 – Chromebook and PCS Supply Pickup

This is the last week of summer break before school starts online for ALL students.  Stay tuned to the Charter Chatter this week for all the login info as well as other school news.  Now, a message from our Executive Director, Virginia Stewart:




This Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons we will be handing out all reserved Chromebooks and PCS Supplies.  Remember, any device will allow your student to participate in our distance learning classes for ALL schools you do not need a Chromebook.  But remember, all students must report to classes at their given times (see previous Charter Chatter posts).  If you need a Chromebook, we have a limited supply so please use the form to reserve one for your student (

Amazon also has a deal on the same devices we use if you want to purchase your own to use even when we return to school (link)

Chromebook Pickup:

MHS is Wednesday July 29th from 12-4p

DCS Thursday July 30th from 12-4p

PCS Friday July 30th from 12-4p (see below for supplies)


TLC Distance Learning – Our daily routines

We feel distance learning cannot replace being in the classroom without students but we want to make the most of the time.  Having a routine is important for students and even from home, we want school to be part of their weekday just like a “normal” year.  Below is a short summary of how our TLC Distance Learning plan will go beginning August 3rd. Homework will be minimal as to not overwhelm parents and students.

You will be able to join any class online from any device with the Google Classroom app or website.  Many parents have inquired about purchasing Chromebooks for their students; we recommend at least 4gb of ram.  We purchase ours from Amazon.  IF you need to borrow one, we have a limited number; click here to put in a request.

More details will come in the coming days with regards to specific times for your student(s) but this gives you an idea so you can plan your own daily routines.


Students will attend mandatory virtual classes for Math, Science, Social Studies, and all Language Arts including Spanish and ASL based on our original 7:30 – 4:30 schedule for the 2020-2021 school year. All elective classes will be postponed until we are able to return to campus.

The only exceptions will be the Internship class which will take place on Wednesdays during 4th period (11:30am) and Career Ed which will take place on Thursdays during 4th period (11:30 am).

We expect students who have electives in their schedule to use that time for completing homework while we are distance learning. All assignments and class information will be posted using Google Classroom. All virtual classes will be using either Zoom or Meet at their regularly scheduled time and attendance will be taken for each period.


Students will attend mandatory virtual classes for core subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts) between the hours of 8am-12:30pm. Classes will be led by the teacher and will be interactive. Assignments, news and announcements, and class information will be posted via Google Classroom.


Students will attend mandatory, interactive Math, Reading, and Writing classes daily, Monday through Friday.  Classes start at 8:00 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m. Each teacher will post schedules, some work for home, and announcements on Google Classroom.


TK will be in person at preschool site 8 to 4 each day OR distance learning as described for PCS


We will be re-opening on August 3rd. At the moment we are only offering one time of care, 7am to 5pm ($225/week) and we want to keep drop off strictly from 7-8 and pick up from 4-5. We are also offering 2 or 3 days a week. Here are some changes we are making due to COVID:
  • Lunch not provided. Children need to bring lunch from home in a disposable bag. No food containers.
  • Snack 2x a day will be provided, disposable, and individually wrapped.
  • Students and parents must wear face coverings.
  • Drop off and pick up will be done outside, with no parents in the building.
  • Temperature checks and a questionnaire will be completed for each student before coming in
Please contact Alejandra Garcia ( if you have any questions.

Champions Before/After School Care

Dear Tracy Learning Center Families,
As you start your 20/21 school year with distance learning I want you to know that
Champions will be here to support you and your family.
We plan on opening our school-age site on the campus of TLC 8/3. The current ratio is 1:12 with no more than 12 children per room and we will operate in stable cohorts.
Champions will offer full daycare Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.
We also can offer half-day programs if there is a need. We are still working out the exact numbers for pricing, and are diligently trying to keep them as low as possible. We do offer a 10% discount to all TLC employees and we accept ALL subsidy agencies.
Champions will follow the TLC bell schedule to ensure all students make their virtual
meetings as well as provide homework support.
We will also infuse social-emotional learning into our curriculum once their distance learning is complete.
We have qualified, background checked, and highly trained and experienced childcare
workers along with school-age program curriculum and materials. Safety is our top
We will be following strict safety precautions as prescribed by Public Health,
the Department of Social Services, and your school. Click here to learn more and to see
a video from one of our open essential sites!
Please reach out to me or our Site Director, Dayna, with any questions!
Dayna Jesus
Site Director
Site Cell: 209-207-4461 /
Melissa Jostedt
Champions Area Manager

TLC Online Begins August 3rd – Online access information:


Hello TLC Families!   TLC will begin the new school year solely online through Distance Learning on August 3rd.  We will monitor the state and county guidelines and hope to return to campus as soon as San Joaquin has met the requirements to do so.

Many of you have had questions about accessing online classes and assignments. Please see the detailed information below regarding Chromebooks and other devices your students can use. We will be sending out FAQs and more information about Google Classroom in the coming days.

Our goal is to make the most of the time we have online and provide quality education without burdening parents.  We have used these tools for years in various grades and believe this is the best way to help students learn outside of our classrooms.


Chromebook/Google Classroom Frequently Asked Questions:

TK-5th grade students will be assigned a username and password to access lessons and virtual meetings on Google Classroom. Sixth through 12th graders already have a login. Logging in can be done with any device (phone, iPad, PC, Mac, or Chromebook).  Parents/Guardians will also be able to receive notifications from Google Classroom via email, although they will not be able to turn in work or participate in discussions etc.

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a tool within our network that allows teachers to post announcements, assignments, quizzes, and engage in video classes and discussions.  It also enables students to easily complete work and turn it in electronically. Parents and Guardians can also be added to get emails regarding announcements and class news. It is a ‘one-stop-shop’  that even our youngest students will be able to handle.

What is the easiest way for my student to access Google Classroom? 

Students can use their home desktop computers, laptop computers, phones, ipads, Macs, or Chromebooks to do their assignments and participate in their classes.

 What is a Chromebook? 

A Chromebook is like a laptop but is less expensive, lighter, and faster. It starts‐up in less than ten seconds, connects to Internet‐based resources quickly, and provides six to eight hours of battery life. It is a simple tool that allows students to access their lessons and participate in virtual class meetings.

How can my student get a Chromebook?

TLC has a limited number of Chromebooks that will be available to check-out to students for distance learning from home. If you choose to request a school Chromebook, requests can be make using this form:

Do the students get to keep the Chromebooks? No, school Chromebooks will be returned to TLC at our request.

Can parents purchase their own Chromebooks?  Yes, any Chromebook will allow your student to log into their school account.  All the school settings will still be in effect – all safety and web tools are linked to the student’s account and not the actual Chromebook.  

When purchasing your own we recommend looking at one with at least 4GB of ram, this will allow it to be useful for many years to come. (example – Lenovo Chromebook on Amazon ) They range in price from $99 – $400 and beyond.  

TLC will assist with tech support and issues if you do purchase your own.

One advantage of purchasing your own Chromebook is when we return to our classroom setting, your student would not have to potentially share the TLC class Chromebook with other students


Will students be allowed on social media sites (such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.) while at home? When students log into their Google Classroom account, we block a lot of content and this happens automatically.  Primary students have VERY limited access compared to older students. We still strongly recommend parents monitor student usage and also have access to their accounts (know your child’s username and password). 

Who is responsible for damaged TLC Chromebooks? If TLC determines that the device has been stolen, lost or damaged through neglect or misuse, it will be the parent/guardians’ responsibility to pay the full cost of the repair or pay $200 for replacement of the Chromebook.

Who do I contact if I have questions relating to technical issues, such as password not working, battery problems, can’t log in, etc.  TLC has a full-time tech team that can help with any issues. Please email and let us know your issues.  We are here to help.

Do you have to have wifi to log into Google Classroom on any device? Yes – internet/wifi is necessary in order to participate in distance learning.  For those without a good internet connection, we have expanded our school network to cover all parking lots at TLC.  You can complete your work by hand or offline.  Then park at TLC, get on our wifi (TLCWifi  – password is Beverly51) and turn in work or perform research, etc.

Are the Chromebooks safe for children? A Chromebook is an instructional tool. At school students will be using them as they would other school computers, but they will have access at their desk. Using Google in Education will provide teachers and students with additional instructional tools. At home, it will be up to the parents to monitor their child as they would with any web-enabled device. We will provide more information on this if requested.  Internet safety and correct usage are important to us and learning to use technology responsibly is just as important as learning any other subject.