TLC Monday Memo

Good Morning

It is a time of trouble for all of us.  We are all feeling something during these troubled and difficult times.  We are hurting for the injustice to others, we are worried financially, and we are bored or just plain tired with how busy being at home can be.  We worry about going out without a mask ( and we should be wearing one for our sake as well as for others) but though all of this somehow, we need to cope and make things better in the times to come.

My remedy for this is to work, work at being positive. I want to find the good in the things and people around me.  I do not want to feel negative or listen to people who are negative that are making me feel down or sad or angry.  I believe it is a time to have hope, to feel that things will evolve and get better.  We have to believe that for it to happen.

So on a very positive note, I want to praise our staff for the outstanding service they have done teaching our students. I believe our distance learning is superior to what has been offered by others.  It is not only better it has gone on longer than most districts.  We are a charter committed to 205 days of learning and we did not shorten it at all.  Others are talking about should schools open for summer, and we are still open for the school year. 

I am also proud of our parents and students who have stuck it out with us and continued to learn and participate by way of virtual devices.

We should be proud of what we have accomplished and should feel a great deal of satisfaction in facing a problem and solving it so well.

I do not know what our opening on August 3rd will be like, but I want it to be a positive experience and a safe experience for all of us. We appreciate the time many of you took to answer our survey regarding returning to school.  We will continue to survey as the time gets closer.

I am also asking teachers to seek feedback on how you feel about the quality of our online learning. A survey regarding that will be coming to you as well.

Thank you for all that you do to make our schools special.  Thank you for appreciating us.





Attention 8th-grade parents/guardians:
You should have received the following letter in the mail and in your email this week, along with a copy of the map that details the route your cars/students will be taking during the event (map not posted here). Please email for questions! Thank you!



Discovery Charter School 8th Grade Promotion

Hosted by Your Discovery Staff

Saturday, June 27th from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Tracy Learning Center

Please see the enclosed map and details of the event. We look forward to seeing everyone!

Dear Promoting Class of 2020!

It is time to celebrate your biggest accomplishment as a middle school student, the awarding of your promotion certificate! We are confident that we can still participate and honor your special moment, while also following the public health and safety directive mandated by local and state officials in response to Covid-19. Below are some important guidelines, recommendations, and frequently asked questions to help with a smooth yet safe and joyous event:

Details for Drive-Thru Event: For the drive thru event parents/cars will enter on the MHS side of campus, through the parking lot and onto the basketball courts (through the large open gate). There will be a mark at the entrance for students to exit and begin walking alongside their car along the route. Cars and students will follow a specifically marked route (cones or tape) to various stations. Cars will be asked to have their students’ full name on their passenger side so that Mrs. Cerezo can read the names in the order that they appear in the line. Students/cars will continue to move along the marked route to the next station (keeping socially distant throughout) to pick up their certificate ( a staff member will locate their certificate as the student’s name is read aloud, then the student/car will continue on to the final station- the photo spot. A staff member will take the students photo along with a prop and then the student will enter back into their car and the car will turn right and exit out the front of the school by the front office.

Is safety protective gear required? We encourage you and your family to wear safety and protective gear if you feel more comfortable doing this. It is not required. Since we will continue to practice social distancing with one another, only the promoting student should be exiting the vehicle. Select staff members will be wearing safety gear.

How many cars/people can I invite? We recommend ONE to TWO cars per student. We understand that you want to celebrate with many of your loved ones, but please remember we are still required to follow social distancing guidelines and have two hours to award all graduates. Please also refrain from using any poppers or noise making machines (or honking) during the event so that everyone can hear their students’ name read aloud.

How will the drive through work for promoting student and guests? Promoting students should arrive in one vehicle riding as a passenger. They will be exiting to the curb and walk to the stage to receive their certificate. Guests in other cars should plan to meet ahead of time in order to drive directly behind one another in the lineup of cars. Please see the enclosed map route for a visual diagram.

What time should the graduate arrive? The event is anytime between 9AM and 11AM. We recommend graduates with the last name A-L to consider coming from 9AM—10AM and graduates last name M-Z to arrive from 10AM—11AM. This will help with easing traffic congestion and wait times. Cars should plan to come from Mae street turn onto Beverly, and then onto Holly to enter the MHS parking lot. Staff will help assist.

Will I be able to take photos with family and friends? We know how important photo memories are, especially at such a special occasion. Friends and family will safely have a close view of the promoters from the comfort of their vehicle. We do not recommend exiting for photos as we need to follow the safety guideline of limiting gatherings of 10 or fewer people in proximity. However, our photographer will be taking photos throughout the event and of each student. A link to all pictures taken during the event will be posted online, along with the DCS Promotion video.

What if I cannot attend? We are hoping for great support and participation but understand that you may not be able to partake in the celebration. Your certificate will be mailed to your home in the weeks following the event.

The Tracy Learning Center family knows that this is not what most of us had envisioned for you. Yet, during these uncertain times, one thing is for sure, we are not exiting without a grand celebration! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Stay safe and stay healthy…Congratulations Discovery Falcons!


We miss all of you and look forward to seeing you on June 27th, 2020.




Our Promoting Discovery Falcons

Zach Reyes

Dear Zach,

We are all so proud of you! You have worked so hard this year, and it has paid off! The young man you are becoming is everything we could ask for. You are kind, smart, and quite frankly, the funniest dude we know. Your ability to quote Step Brothers is uncanny. We all know you are going to do great things in high school! We can’t wait to watch you lay football and baseball!

Keep up your awesome work ethic and determination! We love you kid!

Love Mom, Dad, and Hannah

Zack Reyes has been an Awesome student here at Discovery for the last four years. His willingness to be fun, a positive teammate and a great student has always been appreciated! Zack will truly be missed! Here’s to Success in High School Mr. Reyes as I’m sure you’ll continue to be a MHS Falcon that we all can be proud of!!!!

Coach Williams 🙂

Zach you have made so much progress over the last two years! You are so dramatic and so hilarious and you have developed a very strong work ethic that will serve you well in high school. Keep working hard! Congratulations!

Mrs. Cerezo



Melia Ritchie

Melia does not realize how proud & impressed we are with her as she moves on to MHS!! She is our youngest out of the family & she never ceases to amaze us with keeping her grades up & dedicating endless hours of her free time to her passion for softball. She is a beautiful girl from inside & out. If you know Melia you will agree she is a smart, independent, determined, funny young lady to be around. We can not wait to see how she will soar over the next four years. Congratulations Melia we are so proud of you & we are lucky to have such a loving, talented, amazing daughter like you.

We love you & are so very proud of you!!

Mom & Dad

I have had the pleasure of having Melia Ritchie in my class and then following her as I stayed on in an advisory capacity. Melia is a hard worker. She is always smiling and is very polite. I enjoyed talking with her and hearing about her softball. She is a talented player. I expect to hear something great about her in the future. Good luck, class of 2020. It has been quite a year!

Mrs. King

Melia, I am so proud of you and so happy that I’ve gotten to know you this year. You are a very kind,genuine, and hard-working student, with a tremendous sense of humor. You brighten up every room. Congratulations!

Mrs. Cerezo



Olivia Gonzalez

Olivia you are a wonderful daughter, we are amazed how smart, carrying and wonderful you are everyday. You are an achiever, nothing can stop you, the sky is your limit, spread your wings and soar. You made us all proud; keep up the good work!

Congratulations, love your family

My dear Olivia,

I am so proud of all that you have achieved here in Discovery. Whether it be with band or in your other classes, you have exceeded all of our expectations. You were my little artist, and I am going to miss seeing your creative side in class. Good luck in high school!

Ms. Zaca

Olivia has grown so much throughout the last 3 years. She does so much in the classroom and out. I hope you continue to do the things you love to do and always keep a smile on your face. Best of luck in high school Olivia.

Mrs. Zuniga



Sahej Sethi

Dear Sahej,

We are so proud of you. The things you have accomplished are remarkable.

From school to band and music, you have excelled. We know once you set your sight

on a goal you will achieve it. May high school be the best years for you and remember, “do not go where the path may lead you, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail for others to follow”!!

Love Always,

Grandpa, Grandma, Montek, Mom & Dad

I am so proud of Sahej for all she accomplished this year. This young lady is an incredible student who pushes herself to do nothing but her absolute best and beyond in everything she does. Even when it came to her donut fundraiser, she was prepared with only the best sales pitch ever to get all her teachers to buy donuts. I know she will accomplish great things wherever high school takes her. Congratulations, Sahej!

Ms. Dominguez

Sahej, you are a quiet but incredibly astute and reliable student. You work hard, have a fantastic sense of humor, and are always willing to offer help. I am so happy that I have gotten to know you and expect that you will go on to move the world. Good luck in high school!

Mrs. Cerezo



Jocelyn Hernandez

Congratulations on your promotion Joss! We are all so extremely proud of you and are so excited for your future! You display every bit of human kindness, perseverance, and responsibility that we have always hoped for. We are excited to watch you achieve success. You can do anything, as long as you believe you will achieve!

We love you, Hernandez, Akers, Ortega, Padilla, Morfin Family

Jocelyn is one of the best athletes I have ever had the privilege of being around. Not just her athletic ability, but her sportsmanship that she shows every day with all of her teammates. She is a role model for everyone she is around and I can’t wait to see her grow and perform at higher levels. Jocelyn is a strong young woman and I know she will succeed in anything she puts her mind to. Congratulations, Jocelyn!

Coach Levand

Congratulations on promoting, Jocelyn! I know you will do spectacular things, especially out on that softball field! 😉 Good luck with your new journey and I wish you the best in High school! Oh and go Dodgers!

Coach Penirian

Natalee Kappeler


We are so proud of you and everything you have accomplished. We know how hard you work and how much effort you put into all that you do. You amaze us all the time with your incredible talents playing the clarinet. We are looking forward to seeing you commit to being in marching band and we know you will go very far in life! We can not wait to see what your future holds, and as this chapter of your life ends, a new one begins. We hope you make the best of it and enjoy all the memories to come. We love you so much, congratulations!

-Mom, Dad, Aaron, Nathan, and Hailee

Natalee has been an amazing student since the day she joined my class in her seventh grade year, and has always stood out with her willingness to help in the classroom. This year, she took “student helper” to another level. I am so incredibly grateful to Natalee (and her family) for taking our classroom bunny home when we left school in March. I know that Natalee is the best person to be taking care of him during this time, and I can’t thank her enough. Congratulations, Natalee! And thank you for all your help!

Ms. Dominguez

Natalee, it has been a pleasure to have you in my class this year. You are quiet, but so intelligent! Keep being unique and I hope that you are successful in high school! Congratulations on promotion.

Ms. Greene

Emmanuel Fernandez

Emmanuel you have succeeded!

This has been a tough time for you but you have accomplished much more. You’ve achieved so much and come so far. Determined to be even better than you are. May God guide you through new challenges and projects to come your way. Keep up the hard work.

We love you

Dad, Mom and Sister

I cannot be more proud of you, buddy! I have watched you grow these last four years into such a wonderful person. There has been no obstacle thrown in your way that you were not able to overcome. Watching you succeed in Band has been one of the greatest joys for me. I cannot wait to see what you will accomplish with the band in high school.

Ms. Zaca

This year I have been so proud to see Emannuel push himself to succeed in so many areas in Discovery. He is incredibly dedicated to the band, but also his school work. I can’t wait to see where the next four years of high school take him. Congratulations, Emmanuel!

Ms. Dominguez

Colin Lang

Colin has been working diligently to complete his Black Belt requirements at West Coast World Martial Arts and will finish this summer. He will be joining the Speech and Debate team at Millennium high school. We are very proud of him and looking forward to seeing him grow!

The Lang Family

For the last two years, I have had the opportunity to watch Colin in his element when it comes to labs and projects in my class, and see the amazing grasp of science and engineering that comes naturally to him. I was thrilled to have him on the Science Olympiad team this year, and so impressed with his project for the competition. I wish him all the best as he starts his new journey in high school! Congrats, Colin!

Ms. Dominguez

Colin is such a unique and talented student. He makes everyone in his class smile and is not afraid to speak his mind. I wish you the very best in high school Colin and I know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Mrs. Zuniga

Madeleine Men

Congratulations on your promotion! You are such a hardworking student, that I have no doubt in my mind you will go on to do amazing things in high school.

Ms. Zaca

Madeleine, I have greatly enjoyed getting to watch you grow both academically and as an individual over the last two years. You have made great strides to becoming a strong and impactful young adult. Congratulations!

Mrs. Cerezo

Jeremiah Gaines

Jeremiah Gains has worked extremely hard to become an excellent student here at Discovery for the last four years! His willingness to learn, stay positive and be a good teammate has always been appreciated! Jeremiah will truly be missed! Here’s to your continued learning, growth as a young man and success in High School Mr. Gains as I believe you will continue to inspire your classmates and be a positive role model for others!!!!

Coach Williams 🙂


Congratulations on this promotion! Continue to work hard to achieve your goals! I wish you all the best in tackling the next four years of high school.

Ms. Ferguson

Jurni Jackson


Congratulations on this huge accomplishment! I cannot wait to see what you accomplish in the future! Thank you for being such a positive energy in every class that you are in, never change!

Ms. Ferguson

Jurni has come such a long way since I taught her in 6th grade. She is a great student-athlete and will do great in high school. Jurni, I know you will be able to accomplish so much in your future and I wish you only the best on the next step in your educational journey. Good luck in high school!

Mrs. Zuniga

Jorge Martinez

Jorge has been one of the hardest working students in his class since the day I met him. Everyday, he came to school with a smile on his face and was ready to tackle any assignment that came his way. He has been an absolute joy to teach. I know he will do amazing things in this next part of his journey in high school. Congratulations, Jorge! I am so proud of you!

Ms. Dominguez

Congrats to you Georgie! You did it! I’m very proud of what a gentleman you are: very smart, honest, respectful, and super sweet. Thanks for always being at SOAR panel with me, you were awesome! Good luck in high school buddy!

Mrs. Rios